A Closer Look: Tammy Liu-Haller Solo Exhibition

A Closer Look: Tammy Liu-haller's Solo Exhibition promo banner

Abend Gallery is pleased to present Tammy Liu-Haller's debut solo exhibition, "A Closer Look." 


"Nature has always brought me the most joy. As a child, I would be content to sit and observe the workings of an ant colony or search the ground for interesting rocks, feathers, bones and other "treasures". As an adult, it's where I still feel the most at peace. Being outside, immersed in the natural world and observing the flora and fauna around me.

My current body of work aims to highlight the details that exist just below our line of sight. The details that most pass over as they move about their days. Perhaps in doing so, they too will slow down and take a closer look." - Tammy Liu-Haller


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