Flemish Still Life: Scott Royston Solo Exhibition

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Abend Gallery is pleased to present Flemish Still Life, a Scott Royston Solo Exhibition, opening on October 28th, 2021.


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Artist Statement: 

This is a collaboration of work that is done in a very Dutch, Flemish and Trompe l'oeil style, which is the style I generally paint in. I wanted to include a range of different subject matter ranging from simple still lifes to more complicated Trompe l'oeil pieces to themes that have more deeper meaning. As a Christian, I have been doing some pieces that have a very faith driven theme using metaphor and surrealistic symbolism to convey the story or meaning behind the piece. The beautiful thing is that one can be touched in so many different ways and can receive a different feel of what is going on behind the piece from viewer to viewer. That is the beauty of art versus just a painting. Some pieces are more elegant while others take on a calmer feel. With that said, I hope and pray that these pieces touch you in different ways and allow you to think outside the box in what I was trying to convey versus how you, the viewer portrayed the story behind the piece. Enjoy... - Scott Royston