The Big Sky: Mark Harrison Solo Exhibition

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I have been interested in painting skies for a long time as I find them so important for setting the mood for a painting, but it is only the past few years that they have come to feature so much more in my work as I have developed my skills in painting them.

With my ongoing series “The Big Sky” I am combining two previously quite disparate influences on my work, the mystic grandeur of the Hudson River School and the quiet loneliness of Edward Hopper.

Sometimes they are silent epic landscapes of the Desert South West; sometimes, they are of an isolated building, maybe on the edge of a small town. I am drawn to the older buildings that are run down or deserted, where maybe it was too tough an existence and have been abandoned to the elements. But always above is the sky, often emphasizing the natural grandeur as well as the fragile isolation of human life below it. - Mark Harrison