Syzygy: Kierstin Young Solo Exhibition

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My latest work is an expansion and continuation of the internality of the human psyche and emotions. In my paintings, this manifests itself in both physical and metaphorical ways.


Syzygy is simultaneously conjunction and opposition. It has been used to define the alignment of celestial bodies, as in the relationship of the sun to the moon, and the contrast between the earth and the sky.  In psychology, syzygy is also used to describe aspects of the inner subconscious.


One expression of this in my body of work, is the connection revealed between seemingly disjointed paintings by the presence of warm and cool tones. I also attempt to capture the sentiment of syzygy with concrescence - the growing together of parts that were originally separate. Drawing from nature, I use branches and insects intertwined with the human form - conjoining disparate objects with one another. The amalgamation of separate subjects or organisms create one image and still hold individual meanings in and of themselves.


Ultimately in Syzygy, my hope is for the viewer to look beyond the surface and to discover deeper narratives within. -Kierstin Young