Florescence: Aixa Oliveras Solo Exhibition

Florescence: Aixa Oliveras Solo Exhibition banner

Abend Gallery is proud to present Florescence, a solo exhibition by Aixa Oliveras, opening on November 17th, 2021.

Aixa Oliveras unveils a series of paintings focusing on symbolic narratives of rebirth and the feminine experience. Inspired by feminine archetypes, as well as her own cultural experiences, Aixa has created a body of work that explores the sensual and intimate nature of rebirth, as well as the strength of the feminine spirit.


Florescence is the act of blooming - a flower in bloom. In this series of paintings, I explore the aftereffects of reinvention. What happens after you’re metaphorically reborn? How does it feel like to be born anew? My answer to those questions is an undeniable feeling of sensuality, strength, and renewal. It is born out of listening to my intuition as a person who has undergone many changes in her life.

In this series of paintings, the flowers represent sensuality and growth. The gold leaf is a symbol of light, and by extension, life. It is a celebration of those things, as well as an encouragement to celebrate and embrace not only the feminine, but our inner strength. -Aixa Oliveras”


Aixa Oliveras is a contemporary symbolist painter. Born in Puerto Rico, the warmth and color of her Caribbean birthplace influences her creative expression. She also credits the Symbolist and Art Nouveau movements as major influences in her figurative oil paintings. Aixa holds an MFA from Laguna College of Art and Design and a BFA Magna Cum Laude, from the School of Plastic Arts and Design in Puerto Rico. She has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in the United States. Her work is also included in both public and private collections in Puerto Rico and the United States. Aixa is currently developing her studio practice in Miami, FL.


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