Ferocious Little Hearts: Linda Tracey Brandon Solo Exhibition

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Abend Gallery is proud to present Ferocious Little Hearts, a solo exhibition by Linda Tracey Brandon, opening on October 20th, 2021.


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Artist Statement:

I think of myself as primarily a figurative painter but over the past few years the non-human world has been steadily manifesting itself in my work. I'm thinking more and more about the impact humanity is having on our planet and the effect that our careless, wasteful habits are having on other species. I've been focusing on wild birds in particular, their incredible beauty and their problems as they face an uncertain future.

I'm painting birds in part because they inspire me daily with their heroism - their focus, their energy and their intensity. I'm painting them also because they are so interesting visually and often so beautiful they take my breath away.

If we surround ourselves with images of beings we love and cherish we cannot help but keep them foremost in our thoughts as we confront our planet's future. - Linda Tracey Brandon