Deep Forest Light: Thane Gorek Solo Exhibition

A promotional image of Thane Gorek's Solo Show depicting aspen trees and a bright moon

Abend Gallery is proud to present Deep Forest Light: Thane Gorek Solo Exhibition opening on September 11th, 2021. 

Artist Statement:


The subject of my paintings is the beauty of the natural world. Having grown up in Colorado, I’ve spent a lot of time hiking and camping in the forests of the Rocky Mountains. This has instilled in me a deep love of the Western landscape. Most often, my paintings feature trees and forests. These are depicted in a stylized manner in order to reflect the sense of wonder I experience while in nature. I often use exaggerated colors, shapes, and textures to capture the strange contortions of aspen trees or the dazzling beauty of sun-dappled foliage. Above all, I hope my work brings a sense of joy, wonder, and tranquility to the viewer. -Thane Gorek


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