All on Board: Irene Georgopoulou Solo Exhibition

Irene Georgopoulou Solo Exhibition promotional banner

Abend Gallery is proud to present All on Board: Irene Gergopoulou Solo Exhibition, opening on October 13th, 2021. Irene is a pastel artist based out of Greece. This will be her second solo with the gallery.

I always choose my subject matters with great care and they are most frequently influenced by my personal experiences and memories. Toys, marbles, board games, and other childhood memorabilia carry special significance for me.

The exhibition, All On Board, features a series of original new small works inspired by the classic board game Monopoly. The paintings of this series bring back sweet memories of childhood playtime, which is such a fascinating and magical period of our lives. Who wouldn't want to recall it? - Irene Georgopoulou



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