60/60/60: Samantha Buller Solo Exhibition

60/60/60 Samantha Buller Solo Exhibition Promo Banner

Abend Gallery is proud to present 60/60/60: Samantha Buller Solo Exhibition opening on August 28th, 2021. 


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The 60/60/60 Challenge began as a way for me to practice quick, confident mark making and to exercise my painting ability in a stress-free environment.

In 2016 I was trying to find balance between being a new mom and staying inspired to paint. Thinking back to a course in college developed by artist Craig Nelson, I remembered how much I loved being pushed to create small works quickly, sometimes 6-8 in one day. It was a freeing experience for me, if the painting was successful- amazing! It was quick and I had fun painting it. On the other hand, if a painting failed miserably- no problem, I learned along the way and only spent an hour or less of my life on it.

I decided to adopt this concept into my new phase of life and challenge myself, creating 60 small paintings in 60 days without spending more than 60 minutes on each. I wanted these pieces to be the “warm up” painting for my day, whatever I wanted to paint with no intent other than to have fun. It was equally important to me to offer these paintings at an affordable price, regardless of size, for those who may want to collect art but had a hard time finding affordable pieces. Each day a painting was completed I listed it for sale. The paintings sold quickly and it fueled my excitement to paint so I began to incorporate The 60/60/60 Challenge into my life, once each year.

The paintings are now shown in a group through the gallery at the end of my 60 day challenge and I am thrilled to see them all together, hanging in one space. My hope is that they bring small moments of joy to those who view them, and that they feel easily accessible to all.