In the realm where reality intertwines with imagination, Diego Glazer creates a sanctuary where every stroke of his brush tells a story. Born amidst the cultural medley of Mexico, Switzerland, and the United States, Diego's artistic narrative is as diverse as his heritage. His quest to unveil beauty in the intricacies of the mundane and the grandeur of nature finds voice through his captivating oil paintings. Each piece Diego crafts is an invitation to step into a world where the palpable resonance of emotions melds with the tangible reality, offering a refuge to those seeking solace in the depth of artistic expression.


The journey from Querétaro to Florence, a voyage that molded Diego's artistic essence, bestowed upon him a spectrum of techniques that now dance across his canvas. In this intimate tete-a-tete, Diego reveals the chords of inspirations that orchestrate his creations, the evolution of his style, and the profound aspiration to meld meticulous planning with spontaneous brushwork. As we delve deeper into Diego's artistic realm, we uncover the essence of his passion, the ethos that drives his creative vigor, and the indelible impressions he seeks to leave on the heart of the beholder.

Diego Glazer: A Multifaceted Artist Bridging Realms of Reality and Imagination.

Diego, your multicultural heritage seems to have played a significant role in shaping your artistic journey. Can you share how your experiences growing up in Mexico, and your Swiss and American roots have influenced your perspective as an artist?

Growing up in Mexico, I learned to be resourceful and adaptive since the right materials, teachers and institutions were hard to come by. I attribute my perfectionism to my Swiss side. I like to keep a high stardard of quality. When visiting the American side of my family, I was exposed to incredible museums and world class art in my youth. Customs from all three of these cultures, as well as their regional aesthetics have influenced my perspective as an artist.

Your transition from Querétaro to Florence seems like a voyage of artistic discovery. How did your studies in these distinct cultural settings refine your approach to oil painting and your perception of beauty in art?

When I was studying in Querétaro, most of the classes at art school were more theoretical than practical. I was lucky to have been assigned one teacher that introduced me to a very direct style of painting. I was to utilize loose, yet precise brushwork to paint in a very confident and expressive manner. These teachings were inspired by artists such as Sargent or Sorolla.


Upon arriving at Angel Academy in Florence, I was thrilled to find that every class was focused on academic painting. I learned a more indirect method of painting, where elements were rendered over the course of weeks or months. Going to such an atelier made me feel much more connected to the lineage of Old Master painting than ever before.

Querétaro, Mexico

Your work beautifully marries the physical world, your personal imaginations, and emotions. Can you recount a particular moment or experience that significantly inspired your approach to blending these three elements on canvas?

Over the course of the last year, I've had the privilege to receive mentorship from Daniel Sprick. Being around him and watching him work, I've come to realize how much of his paintings is either highly stylized or completely invented from imagination. This unlocked a mental door for me, since I always strived to be inventive but had never seen someone accomplish it with such mastery and effectiveness. And of course, several aspects of my work such as the subject matter and color palette, are designed to evoke emotion.

Your narrative suggests a continuous evolution in style from smooth and naturalistic to rough and energetic, and now a blend of both. How do you envision your style evolving in the near future?

As my style progresses, I would like to take on more complex subject matter while simultaneously making my painting process more fluid and effortless. I also want to lean on this marriage between careful planning and exciting spontaneity. I want to paint inventive scenes that are difficult to conceive of but look natural.

Your love for oil painting comes through vividly in your work. Could you delve into a particular piece of yours that you feel encapsulates your journey with this medium so far?

'Garuda' is a recent painting of mine that I feel is representative of what years of oil painting have taught me. This painting is a celebration of the various material qualities of oil paint, and of what I can accomplish when I harness those qualities. The monumental statue in the background is highly textured yet remains in low contrast, allowing the figure in the forground to take center stage in a confident display of power, both visually and metaphorically.

Garuda by Diego Glazer

Denver's grandeur of nature seems to resonate deeply with you. How does your current environment shape the themes and the aesthetics of your artwork?

The spectacular nature around Denver I'm sure would be inspiring to most, myself included. However, I've also found great beauty and inspiration in the homes and neighbourhoods as well as the beautiful parks in the city. I find that Denver also has very particular lighting and cloud formations that amaze me on the daily.

You mentioned that 19th-century European and North American masters, along with certain contemporaries, have left a mark on your work. Could you share how these influences manifest in your current projects?

I've found that 19th century masters achieved a beautiful balance between naturalism and imagination, created beautifully dynamic and ambitious compositions, and displayed great technical prowess. A lot of their knowledge has been lost over the last century, so I would my work to place me among those who carry the torch today.

You describe your technique as an indirect painter working in several layers. How has this technique allowed you to communicate the emotional depth and narrative you aim for in your paintings?

I feel like the complexity that can be achieved through building up a painting in layers mirrors the complexity of human emotion. Human emotions are not simple and one dimensional. They are often intertwined and related with each other. This is what I'm trying to convey in my paintings.

Diego Glazer painting in Rome, Italy

Engaging with a variety of styles, mindsets, and methods seems to be a hallmark of your artistic exploration. How do you approach the integration of diverse techniques while maintaining a coherent and satisfying narrative in your work?

I've spent plenty of time studying different techniques in isolation from each other so as to deeply understand each one. Doing this over the course of years has allowed me to fuse these techniques with confidence. It usually works out, but if doesn't, I also have the confidence to fix it or even start over.

Your aspiration to transport viewers into a dreamlike atmosphere while evoking familiarity is fascinating. Could you share the process of conceptualizing and executing a piece that embodies this aspiration?

It all starts with a mental vision. I begin with small thumbnail sketches to figure out composition. I start building from there, hiring models and building maquettes as needed. From there, I allow the painting to evolve on it's own, adding, subtracting and changing elements throughout the whole process. The painting always asks for what it needs.

Being recognized in various art competitions must have been affirming. How do these accolades influence your motivation and the direction of your artistic endeavors?

While I was living in Mexico, I was frequently recognized in American and European competitions. Seeing the quality and health of the art scene in the states was definitely a contributor to me uprooting my life and moving to Denver. I still enter various competitions every year.

Your advice to your younger self was to be open-minded and unwavering in the personal quest for beauty and quality. How have these principles guided your artistic decisions over the years?

I knew from the beginning that the road of an artist is a tough one. To me, the only way to make progress is by keeping certain standards in discipline and quality. That's what I did and continue to do. I also recognize that there are many ways to produce world class art, and I always remain open minded to different ways of doing things well.

Shadow's Edge by Diego Glazer

Art seems to be a medium of communication for you, especially communicating emotions through shapes and color harmony. What do you hope your audience takes away from your body of work?

The answer is in the question. I believe shapes and color harmony have as much if not more of an emotional influence that subject matter does. I hope my audience takes from my work the kinds of emotions and feelings that words fail to convey.

Lastly, as someone who has found inspiration in unpredictable places, what would be your advice to emerging artists in finding and nurturing their unique artistic voice?

I believe finding your voice comes as a result of experimenting and painting for years as best you can. Over the course of your career, you will inevitably develop certain preferences and skills that are unique to you. Be influenced by many different interests, no one else has all the same interests as you. This you unique. Paint things that challenge you, things you find difficult. You never know what you'll find on the other side.

The Scholar's Stone by Diego Glazer

With every question explored, Diego's narrative unfolds a chapter, a glimpse into the heart of an artist who seeks to transcend the conventional boundaries of artistic expression. His journey is a testament to the boundless realms one can traverse when passion takes the lead. Through the alleys of Denver, amidst the historical ethos of Florence, and in the heart of Mexico's vibrant culture, Diego's narrative is a living tapestry of inspiration, a compelling tale of how the essence of varied cultures can shape the canvas of creativity.


As Diego Glazer continues to explore the uncharted territories of artistic expression, he leaves behind trails of inspiration for budding artists. His advice echoes the essence of perseverance, the virtue of open-mindedness, and the endless pursuit of beauty and quality that defines the path of an artist. His narrative is not merely a story of personal triumphs and artistic exploration, but a beacon for those embarking on a quest to find their unique voice in the vast expanse of the art world. Each stroke of Diego's brush on canvas is a narrative, an ode to the unyielding spirit of creativity, and a warm invitation to every onlooker to find a piece of themselves amidst the hues of his artistic realm.

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