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Artist Statement "I was a 20 y/o college student when I started exploring photography. At the time, I didn’t realize how much image making would influence me. Like most of my peers, I didn’t fully understand or question my motives for pursuing something — I just did it. I was curious and it felt right. Diving deeper, I started to question what photography meant to me and understand its impact. Eventually, I found passion in creating a narrative for myself and my work: I found an outlet and poured my heart and soul into the artistry, and it transformed my perspective. This story became my life force, my pulse, and a part of my identity. My journey as an artist will always be an interesting one. I continue to question what makes up my artistic voice and challenge an aesthetic that I’ve always been drawn to: transposing my surreal understanding of what is beautiful, exploring beauty out of context, and daring to create."