Valentin Fischer


Valentin Fischer
Born in 1984 in Stuttgart, Germany, artist Valentin Fischer has been working in the field of creative design for quite some time and his work reflects the intersection between his art and his day job. Fischer makes portraits both with traditional mediums such as oils, but also creates incredible portraits that are composed entirely through digital processes. His talent for creating representational, realistic portraits radiate a sense of understanding of his subjects with a unique spin that cannot be replicated. The composition, pose, and details of each piece work together harmoniously, complimenting each other while also highlighting the influential role of technology. Selected Exhibitions 2015 Wes Anderson Art Show (Curated by Spoke Art) — Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, NY Small Works Invitational — Baker + Hesseldenz, Tucson, AZ The Color of Strangeness: Jeunet & Caro — Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA Portraiture Now — Baker + Hesseldenz, Tucson, AZ The Moleskine Project IV — Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA Thank God It's Frida — Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2014 LAX/SFO (Curated by Thinkspace) — Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA,h_400,c_fill/wlb16ht6woxbkiq3zjhp.jpg