Tim Deibler


Tim Deibler
Since Tim first saw the 1956 movie "The Mountain" as a young boy, his single focus has been to paint landscapes. By age 13 he was drawing the famous Matterhorn after his parents bought him Edward Whympers book "Scrambling Amongst the Alps", which details his attempts to climb the Matterhorn, including many of his personal sketches. Tim was born and raised in Oklahoma where he studied with many of the areas most well known artists. He spent most of his evenings copying paintings from art instruction books and teaching himself how to paint from photographs. "I used to frustrate my teachers because I wouldn't copy the photo exactly. I've always used a photograph just as a starting place, not as a finishing place. A photo shows details but no emotion, I try to capture the emotion I feel and let the details fall where they may." This early training proved invaluable to Tim, as now he paints large landscapes from his photo reference files and his location studies. Tim and his family love to travel and you may find him painting at the Grand Canyon or on the beach in Florida, even in the remote Amazon Jungle. "There is no replacement for or better reference material than painting directly from life, all the excitement and drama of nature that you experience will come out in your painting. Simplifying nature to a few colors and strokes of the brush can only come from direct observation." Tim has been fortunate to study and take workshops with many of the best artists around today, including Scott Christensen, Doug Dawson, Kim English, Quang Ho, William Hook, Ned Jacobs, Ben Konis, David Leffel, Michael Lynch, William Reese, the late Vladan Stiha, and Jim Wilcox. Tim is an avid student and is constantly studying to learn all he can from other artists. Tim was one of Art for the Park's top 100 artists in 1997 with his painting of Yellowstone's "Old Faithful," being selected from over 2300 artists. This painting appears in a new book entitled "Art From the Parks" and was released by North Light Books in November 2000. The book features 74 artists and showcases over 120 selected paintings from the past 10 years of Art for the Park competitions.Tim is also currently working on an art instruction book for North Light, scheduled to be out in the Fall of 2004. Tim's work can be found in many private and corporate collections, including former President Bill Clinton.