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Stacy D'Aguiar
Artist Statement: My paintings are channeled, Visual Dreamscapes in connection with Unseen Frequencies of the Universe. My exploration of the surreal investigates the mysteries of the energy that connects all things, and the mind's potential to heal through imagery. Each piece is infused with Reiki Healing Energy (a universal healing technique) and Sacred Geometry Symbols, which elevates each magical creation energetically, and emits positivity, peace and tranquility. By showcasing alternate realities on diverse elemental canvases, my art is designed to inspire others to see the nature of the world around and within, as well as influence a sacred space for awakening. I offer you a journey through the garden of my Visions and allow the gift of healing to revive the sacred breath of Oneness. {Sacred Geometry} is a term used to describe patterns, shapes and forms that are part of the make up of all living things and that regularly occur in nature. It is system of universal design in which the energy of creation organizes itself into form. Bio: Stacy D’Aguiar (born in 1974) is a San Diego artist who creates dreamy visual treats using a delightfully vibrant palette and intriguing subject matter, to compose a feast for the eyes and mind. She’s a full-time artist spending most of her days in her studio in North Park creating paintings for collections and exhibits all over the country. Stacy received a BA in Graphic Design from Virginia Tech where she was also enrolled in many art classes ranging from life drawing and painting, to sculpture and digital, but mainly a self-taught artist. She pursued her design career after graduating in 1996, and used her drawing and computer skills to design t-shirt art, toys, costume art, logos, and corporate branding, and more. She picked up a paintbrush again in 2002 and worked in oil, painting mostly fantasy and surreal. Stacy has made her living painting abstracts, landscapes and surrealism since 2010, collaborating with designers, art reps and galleries in Orange County, Laguna Beach, Santa Fe, Charleston, and LA, to name a few. Her work has shown at SCOPE Art Miami, the Laguna Art Museum, Art San Diego, and Art Santa Fe, and published in PoetsArtists, California Homes Magazine, Luxe Magazine, Pacific Magazine, and Nug Magazine. She’s collaborated with Clive Barker and collected by Dr. Phil and Mia Michaels.