Rossina Bossio


Rossina Bossio
Rossina Bossio is a multidisciplinary artist born in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied Visual Arts at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in her hometown and Fine Arts at L’École des Beaux-Arts in Rennes, France. Her work, which ranges from painting and drawing to video and performance, has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei (MoCA), The Imperial City Art Museum (BAMOIC), in Beijing; the Grand Palais in Paris; the Tribeca Cinemas in New York; the Saint Claire’s Church Museum in Bogotá, among others. Prioritizing both the conceptual and the aesthetical, Rossina Bossio brings together traditional and new media aiming to close the gap between the two through a representational approach. Searching for a connection between static and moving images, Bossio’s painted characters and spaces come to life through sound and movement on the screen. Her multidisciplinary practice is rooted in subversive ideas of femininity and in Latin-American culture. Her portraits are complex, ambiguous, and reflect an endless quest around the paradoxes of the human condition. The beauty of her subjects —mainly women— is not complacent or sweet: it is visceral and ambiguous; it is the kind of beauty that confronts the viewer while subverting taboos and stereotypes. Growing up in Bogotá in a highly conservative and religious environment, Bossio’s earliest drawings and paintings examined traditional conceptions of gender and sexuality. Nowadays, her army of painted women aims to provoke discussions around a variety of subjects related to the human condition, and not just women’s condition, imagining a utopian world where we will no longer need to talk about gender issues when facing images of women in galleries and museums. For her multimedia projects, Bossio has performed solo and in the company of prominent dancers, while directing Colombian and international artists in the fields of music, film, photography and costume design. The desire to combine her paintings with other artistic forms is rooted in her strong belief that art should be corporeal. Rossina Bossio seeks to surround the viewer from all possible angles, with static and moving images as well as music and enveloping atmospheres, in order to facilitate a highly emotional and aesthetic experience.,h_400,c_fill/ypbnugwchc0zjsaohue5.jpg