Nicolas Martin

Nicolas Martin

Nicolas Martin is a French figurative painter born in 1980.

Nicolas Martin has an uncanny ability to replicate scenes from daily life with a sense of understanding and a perspective unlike any other. The street views, stairwells, and interior views that he depicts come alive in such a way as to give these recognizable environments magical, arresting qualities which are otherwise unseen. His application of paint breathes life into the seemingly mundane through his use of light, color, and texture. Martin’s paintings have an aura about them which translates to the viewer. His paintings articulate his deep appreciation and understanding of our environments and the ways in which we interact and relate to them.

After completing the influential Auguste Renoir School in Paris, Nicolas decided to deepen his artistic knowledge by completing the graphic design program at the University Laval in Quebec, Canada.

In 2003, he won the 1st Prize of "La Fondation de la Vocation" in Paris.

Throughout his career, Nicolas worked as lead designer for the famous Galeries Lafayette, and art director for various companies and newspapers.

Today, he defines himself as an emergent figurative painter.

Exhibitions and Awards

- Finalist 2015 International ARC Salon 

- Solo Show 2015. L'Oeil du Prince Gallery. Paris. France

- Group Show 2014. L'Oeil du Prince Gallery. Paris. France

- Solo Show 2013. L'Oeil du Prince Gallery. Paris. France

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