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Jeff Slemons
Slemons actually received a D in high school art class because he was too busy experimenting with pen & ink, gouache, watercolor, oil paint and mixed media to complete the assignment of drawing a little kitty poking its cute head out of a slipper. He graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1986 and quickly became a sought-after illustrator for magazines and corporations nationwide. Corporate Clients: Coca-Cola Country Home Magazine Starizon AT&T Denver Public Library Mandalay Resort Group National Ski Patrol Polar Soft Golf World Magazine Denver Zoo Hasbro Qwest Nordstrom’s Sun Enterprises Monfort Coors Desert Inn Casino Primestar Hewlitt Packard Neiman Marcus VISA Conoco La Quinta His Fine Art pieces have shown in major cities across the country. Slemons has illustrated two children’s books and is currently working on Maps, Stories, Adventures, Paintings, Covers, Books, Posters, and the occasional kitty in a slipper. “Not only does Jeff immediately grasp a concept, he knows exactly what to do to make the project even cooler.” --Tom Van Steenhoven, Creative Director Super Powers: Jeff is a big picture thinker. That’s rare in the world of art. His Character Designs have been adopted and trademarked by companies. His People can be quirky and very identifiable, which is important for branding. His Animals are endearing and almost human, which promotes emotional engagement. His sense of Humor and play lends an air of likeability to appropriate projects. Because he’s been an avid comic book fan since the age of 5, and a collector of classic Sci-Fi and Fantasy art, Jeff has super powers in these areas, as well. Advertising agencies hire Jeff over and over. Sure, he’s talented and professional, but the reason he has so much repeat business is for one reason and one reason only: his art style works. “It’s simple. Jeff’s work sells.” --Ron Cash, Project Manager The Art of Smart Let’s face it. There are many talented artists out there. But very few understand business issues and parameters. Very few possess the targeted artistic styles that can actually heighten perception. Very few are unique enough to create branded images. As Margaret Mead said: "Never doubt that a few can change the world, for indeed, that’s all that ever has." Jeff Slemons is one of The Few.