Heiko Mattausch


Heiko Mattausch
I am a painter and graphic artist living and working in Leipzig, Germany. I was born and raised in a provincial town nearby, in a region called Saxony. As long as I can remember, I felt drawn to painting. However, after school, I started studying architecture and then worked in the profession for a few years in Hamburg. While I quickly realised it wasn't the right thing for me, it took me a few detours before I finally did study painting. The trigger was a study visit to Andalucia, Spain. I worked part-time in an architectural office and painted during my spare time. Back in Germany, I continued to do exactly that until I became a full-time painter at the end of my studies. I still am a full-time painter today. The subjects of my painting are people, nature and the link between them. That link between nature and man, who is, after all, part of nature, is enclosed space, the very thing we call urban. At the beginning of human development there were caves - then huts, tents, the first man-made structures etc. Man has always needed a roof above his head. That is how it all began. Today, we no longer see only villages and settlements but sprawling cities with microcosms of their own. So the bigger a city is, the more small worlds exist in parallel and form the city as a whole. Superficially, we could call these worlds neighbourhoods. Each and every one looks different and works differently. There even are more microcosms within those neighbourhoods. I am intrigued by this and by how the various urban and human characters can coexist. The surroundings are like a calling card for the inhabitants. That is why I paint portraits the same way I paint urban space. Both are intrinsically linked. These are the subjects that I put not only into my picture compositions but also into my weekly paintings. The weekly city images and also the charcoal portraits are tools that I need in the context of my thematic work. They are the prelude to my work - 'Cube' (80 x 80 cm, four parts, 40 x 40 cm each, 2015), for example, is a composition that is completely imagined and drew its inspiration in the city images. My picture compositions are middle-sized and large images. The city images are all smaller. This enables me to work quickly. Usually, they are oil paintings. Many of the images are details from the Leipzig area. This is the centre of my work - every day, I see new things I may not even have noticed the day before. And when I travel, I collect many impressions that I put on the canvas. That is why cities like London, Granada, Palma de Mallorca or Dubai are so interesting for me.