Destiny Bowman


Destiny Bowman
The artwork of emerging artist Destiny Bowman is something to be inspired by. With no formal university training, Bowman has made her way onto the Denver art scene with pure talent and an apprenticeship under none other than local master artist Daniel Sprick. Her still life works are reminiscent of Sprick’s, the amount of detail and vitality within each painting exemplifies her dedication to honing her craft. The finished pieces tend toward the photographic, Bowman’s sense of realism and ability to depict things with such precision is an art in and of itself. Given that she is just now beginning to exhibit her work in a gallery context, it’s clear that her path to success is already laid out. She was featured in SouthWest Art’s 21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2014, and has garnered many more followers since. We are so pleased to be exhibiting her work here at Abend.,h_400,c_fill/yl2pmxcuunlrtovuj9oo.jpg