Dan Kaufman


Dan Kaufman
Artist Statement Like many passionate photographers I began my love affair at an early age: working a paper route so I could buy a German 35mm rangefinder…my first exposure to a darkroom in a converted guest bath…and growing up just 5 miles from Disneyland—Walt taught me the magic of the story. …then there was Frank Lloyd Wright and Jackson Pollock—two more of my muses. And there was my mother—known to us all as simply Tricia. It was Tricia who took me to a Special Exhibition of Jackson Pollock at LACMA in 1965. She believed in me then, and nurtured me to love art for a lifetime. I entered my first professional juried competition that year, 1965, at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA, and was accepted. My work at that time, as a painter, was abstract expressionism—think of melding Pollock’s angst with Rothko’s form, his sense of place. I continued my expressionistic bent, and showing (…but he’s so young? ) until I entered college (wanting) to become a scientist-architect. It was then that my photographic nature reared its head in a more formal architectural genre. By the late ‘90’s and into the early noughts my work became more minimalist and I was known for a time as Daniel Scissorhands due to my propensity to cut out what I did not want. This trait has become characteristic of my work. My photography has become painterly—and at times, sculptural. My photography is in collection at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), and the Chinese-American Museum (Los Angeles). I am Licensed by Getty Images, Blend Images/Spaces Images. I am represented by The Haen Gallery in Asheville and Brevard, NC., Abend Gallery in Denver, CO, and The Downstairs Gallery in Savannah, GA.