Anna Wypych

The Thinker, 2020
Oil on canvas
26 x 32 in (66.04 x 81.28 cm)
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by Anna Wypych What does a thinker think during the epidemic? This painting was supposed to be about something else. It was supposed to look different. But while working on it, an epidemic came along, and everything changed. This painting was also slowly changing. It is a picture of hope and inner strength. What does a thinker think during the epidemic? You slowly realize that this is not a sprint but rather a marathon. Plus, you're not sure what awaits you at the finish line as long as it's still there. You run because what else can you do. It's hard because it's not you who decides how, when, and where it will end. You try to keep the beat. Manage your energy wisely, so that it lasts as long as possible to get as far as possible. You know that you can't run like that forever. But maybe if you take care of yourself, if you don't push yourself too hard, you can run long enough. You focus on one simple thing, and it allows you to survive. So she sits and thinks. What does a thinker think during the epidemic? She sits and thinks. She doesn't fight - because you can lose the fight. There is no point in defending, attacking, and proving something to someone - she is, and this cannot be questioned. She's not sleeping - because you don't have to wake her up I do not in stand by - because the alertness contain waiting for the action, and she she does not wait for the end of this - because it brings doubt and, therefore, the fear. She doesn't wait - because waiting slowly destroys and weakens you. It's not even a survival mode anymore. Nor even the adjusting mode. There is no fight because you do not have to defend anything. This moment when you realize that you can't be touched. Is. This cannot be interpreted / this cannot be questioned. It's as solid as a rock. This cannot be violated, disturb in another way. She is. / And in the simplicity of this statement is the greatest strength. You can't argue with that. This cannot be moved because either someone is or is not. And she is. She is here. I am here. You are here. Just like that. What does a thinker think during the epidemic? As if during the jump, someone turned the lands below, and you land in a completely different world. In this painting, I went deeper than ever before, to seek inner power. To the base, the original part of us, from where we can draw when everything is uncertain.

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