25th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show

With work from a wide range of artists of all levels of notoriety, from emerging to well-established,
and spanning multiple genres, art appreciators of all types will delight
in this engaging and long-standing exhibition which fills the entire expansive gallery space
with over 100 artists contributing anywhere from 500 to 700 original works of art.

This page will be updated as new images arrive.

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Dec 4th, 2015 - Jan 16, 2016
Opening Reception: Dec 4, 6-9 pm

Elyce Abrams
Elyce AbramsElyce Abrams | "Nod"
Zoa Ace
Zoa Ace | "Starling Comics"Zoa Ace | "Then Suddenly"Zoa Ace | "Witchy Women"Zoa Ace | "You Smell Good"Zoa Ace | "And You Never Write"Zoa Ace | "Blondie"Zoa Ace | "Blue Betty"Zoa Ace | "Brush Strokes"Zoa Ace | "But Darling"Zoa Ace | "Canine Connection"Zoa Ace | "Cheshire Cat"Zoa Ace | "Dinner and a Movie"Zoa Ace | "Dog House"Zoa Ace | "Filler Up, Superman"Zoa Ace | "Go with the Flo Portrait"Zoa Ace | "Happy Hour"Zoa Ace | "Hello"Zoa Ace | "Major Tom"Zoa Ace | "Make Mine a Double"Zoa Ace | "Mystery at Lilac Inn"Zoa Ace | "Nature of Things"Zoa Ace | "Cat Dance"Zoa Ace | "It's Always Something"Zoa Ace | "Pairs"Zoa Ace | "Super Size It"Zoa Ace | "I'm Late"
Jaclyn Alderete
Jaclyn Alderete | "Out There"Jaclyn Alderete | "Pellucid"Jaclyn Alderete | "Suadade"
Daliah Ammar
Daliah Ammar | "Traveler"
Erin Anderson
Erin Anderson | "Conductor"Erin Anderson | "Encroachment"Erin Anderson | "Heather in Orange"Erin Anderson | "Practice No 2"
Judith Babcock
Judith Babcock | "Along the Stream"Judith Babcock | "Contrast"Judith Babcock | "Grassland Flowers"Judith Babcock | "Joyful"Judith Babcock | "Poppycock II"
Anna Rose Bain
Anna Rose Bain | "Among the Hydrangeas"Anna Rose Bain | "Bathsheba"Anna Rose Bain | "Dancing Gypsy"Anna Rose Bain | "Her Side"Anna Rose Bain | "Tea for Two"Anna Rose Bain | "Tea for Two"
Jennifer Balkan
Jennifer Balkan | "Horse"Jennifer Balkan | "Bunny"Jennifer Balkan | "Dog"Jennifer Balkan | "Elephant"
Jim Beckner
Jim BecknerJim Beckner
Kelly Berger
Kelly Berger | "Cheesman Vista"Kelly Berger | "Gild Trip"Kelly Berger | "Union Station Crowned"Kelly Berger | "Union Station Reflected"
Mia Bergeron
Mia Bergeron | "See"Mia Bergeron | "Speak"
Jennifer Bobola
Jennifer Bobola | "Social Static"Jennifer Bobola | "Social Static I"Jennifer Bobola | "Social Static II"Jennifer Bobola | "Social Static III"Jennifer Bobola | "Social Static IV"Jennifer Bobola | "Fake Light from the Sun"Jennifer Bobola | "Naked Eye"Jennifer Bobola | "Naked in the Rain"Jennifer Bobola | "On the Sunny Side of the Street"
Ben Boothby
Ben Boothby | "Ferry #5"Ben Boothby | "Ferry #7"Ben Boothby | "Ferry #11"Ben Boothby | "Kitchen #1"Ben Boothby | "Kitchen #6"
Destiny Bowman
Destiny Bowman | "Bright Tunnel in Rome"Destiny Bowman | "Street in Rome"Destiny Bowman | "The White Teacup"
Linda Tracey Brandon
Linda Tracey Brandon | "Puppy Left out in the Rain"
Samantha Buller
Samantha Buller | "Garden Shovel"Samantha Buller | "Red Barn to the West"Samantha Buller | "Road Home"Samantha Buller | "Still Standing"Samantha Buller | "Two Lemons"
Heather Burton
Heather Burton | "The Red Wing Blackbird"Heather Burton | "Winter Farm"
Victoria Castillo
Victoria Castillo | "Goliath Birdwing"Victoria Castillo | "Green Swallowtail"Victoria Castillo | "Orange Sulphur"
David Cheifetz
David Cheifetz | "Shield"David Cheifetz | "Sunrise"
Mary Chiaramonte
Mary Chiaramonte | "Ashes in the Embers"Mary Chiaramonte | "Beloved of the Falling Song"
Nancy Condit
Nancy Condit | "Tree Top Melody"Nancy Condit | "Blue Moon Blackbirds"Nancy Condit | "Cardinals"Nancy Condit | "Cat Tracks"Nancy Condit | "Jade Mountain"Nancy Condit | "Lady in the Moonlight"Nancy Condit | "Moon Gazers"Nancy ConditNancy ConditNancy ConditNancy ConditNancy Condit
Michelle Condrat
Michelle Condrat | "Intermission"Michelle Condrat | "Spring Fling"Michelle Condrat | "The Colors of the Forest"
Rachel Constantine
Rachel ConstantineRachel ConstantineRachel Constantine
James Crandall
James Crandall | "Font and Column (San Concordio Lucca)"James Crandall | "Paying at the Bakery"James Crandall | "Yellow Rose and Lemon"
Stephen Day
Stephen Day | "On the Vine"Stephen Day | "Shades of Blue"
Tim Deibler
Tim Deibler | "A Colorful Display"Tim Deibler | "A Streak of Light"Tim Deibler | "Peaknig Through"Tim Deibler | "Winter Warmth"
Harold Deist
Harold DeistHarold DeistHarold DeistHarold Deist
Jaime Derringer
Jaime DerringerJaime DerringerJaime DerringerJaime DerringerJaime Derringer
Michael DeVore
Michael DeVoreMichael DeVoreMichael DeVoreMichael DeVoreMichael DeVore
Kathiucia Dias
Kathiucia Dias
Judith Dickinson
Judith DickinsonJudith DickinsonJudith DickinsonJudith DickinsonJudith Dickinson
Brent Christopher Dilworth
Brent Christopher DilworthBrent Christopher DilworthBrent Christopher Dilworth
Marin Dobson
Marin DobsonMarin DobsonMarin DobsonMarin DobsonMarin DobsonMarin Dobson
Michael Dowling
Michael DowlingMichael DowlingMichael Dowling
Kim English
Kim EnglishKim English
Cody Erickson
Cody EricksonCody EricksonCody EricksonCody EricksonCody Erickson
Andy Espinoza
Andy EspinozaAndy Espinoza
Nathaniel Evans
Nathaniel EvansNathaniel EvansNathaniel EvansNathaniel Evans
Felicia Forte
Felicia ForteFelicia ForteFelicia Forte
Mark Friday
Mark FridayMark FridayMark FridayMark FridayMark FridayMark FridayMark Friday
Ernie Gallegos
Ernie GallegosErnie GallegosErnie GallegosErnie Gallegos
Greg Gandy
Greg GandyGreg Gandy
Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin GarciaBenjamin Garcia
Ann Gargotto
Ann GargottoAnn GargottoAnn GargottoAnn GargottoAnn GargottoAnn Gargotto
Vincent Giarrano
Vincent GiarranoVincent Giarrano
Bruce A. Gómez
Bruce A. GómezBruce A. GómezBruce A. GómezBruce A. GómezBruce A. GómezBruce A. GómezBruce A. Gómez
Lindsey Bittner Graham
Lindsey Bittner GrahamLindsey Bittner Graham
Dan Graziano
Dan GrazianoDan GrazianoDan GrazianoDan Graziano
David Grossmann
David GrossmannDavid GrossmannDavid GrossmannDavid GrossmannDavid GrossmannDavid GrossmannDavid GrossmannDavid Grossmann
Caleb Hahne
Caleb HahneCaleb Hahne
Adam Hall
Adam Hall
Nancy E Hall
Adam HallAdam HallAdam Hall
Anna Hammer
Anna HammerAnna HammerAnna Hammer
Johanna Harmon
Johanna HarmonJohanna Harmon
David Harms
David HarmsDavid HarmsDavid HarmsDavid HarmsDavid HarmsDavid Harms
John K Harrell
John K HarrellJohn K HarrellJohn K Harrell
Derek Harrison
Derek HarrisonDerek HarrisonDerek HarrisonDerek Harrison
Stephanie Hartshorn
Stephanie HartshornStephanie Hartshorn
Rachel Herrera
Rachel HerreraRachel HerreraRachel Herrera
Chris Hopkins
Chris HopkinsChris HopkinsChris Hopkins
Justin Hopkins + Daniel Segrove
Justin Hopkins + Daniel Segrove
Meghan Howland
Meghan Howland
Jane Hunt
Jane HuntJane HuntJane HuntJane Hunt
Mathew Hurtado
Mathew HurtadoMathew HurtadoMathew HurtadoMathew HurtadoMathew Hurtado
Thibault Jandot
Thibault JandotThibault JandotThibault Jandot
Megan Jaster
Megan Jaster
April Zanne Johnson
April Zanne JohnsonApril Zanne JohnsonApril Zanne JohnsonApril Zanne JohnsonApril Zanne Johnson
David Kammerzell
David KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid KammerzellDavid Kammerzell
Denise Keenan Montoya
Denise Keenan Montoya
Jason Kowalski
Jason Kowalski
Lindsey Kustusch
Lindsey KustuschLindsey KustuschLindsey KustuschLindsey Kustusch
Darlis Lamb
Darlis Lamb
Sergio Lopez
Sergio LopezSergio LopezSergio LopezSergio Lopez
Chisho Maas
Chisho MaasChisho MaasChisho Maas
Kit Hevron Mahoney
Kit Hevron MahoneyKit Hevron MahoneyKit Hevron MahoneyKit Hevron Mahoney
Joseph Martinez
Joseph MartinezJoseph MartinezJoseph Martinez
Nicolas Martin
Nicolas MartinNicolas MartinNicolas Martin
Jennifer McChristian
Jennifer McChristianJennifer McChristian
Peggy McGivern
Carolyn Miller
Carolyn MillerCarolyn MillerCarolyn MillerCarolyn Miller
Aixa Oliveras
Aixa OliverasAixa Oliveras
Chad M Olsen
Chad M OlsenChad M OlsenChad M Olsen
Gage Opdenbrouw
Gage OpdenbrouwGage OpdenbrouwGage OpdenbrouwGage OpdenbrouwGage OpdenbrouwGage Opdenbrouw
Tammi Otis
Tammi OtisTammi OtisTammi Otis
Julie Petro
Julie PetroJulie PetroJulie PetroJulie PetroJulie Petro
Marsha Whitesides Piper
Marsha Whitesides PiperMarsha Whitesides PiperMarsha Whitesides Piper
John Pototschnik
John Pototschnik
Jane Radstrom
Jane RadstromJane RadstromJane RadstromJane RadstromJane Radstrom
Louis Recchia
Louis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis RecchiaLouis Recchia
Seana Reilly
Seana ReillySeana ReillySeana ReillySeana ReillySeana ReillySeana ReillySeana Reilly
Rob Rey
Rob ReyRob Rey
Sascha Ripps
Sascha RippsSascha RippsSascha RippsSascha RippsSascha RippsSascha Ripps
Pauline Roche
Pauline RochePauline RochePauline RochePauline Roche
Devon Rodriguez
Devon Rodriguez
Karen Roehl
Karen RoehlKaren RoehlKaren RoehlKaren RoehlKaren Roehl
Karen Rosasco
Karen RosascoKaren RosascoKaren Rosasco
John Roush
John RoushJohn RoushJohn Roush
Scott Ruthven
Scott RuthvenScott RuthvenScott Ruthven
Jason Sacran
Jason SacranJason SacranJason SacranJason Sacran
Dave Santillanes
Dave SantillanesDave SantillanesDave SantillanesDave Santillanes
Kirsten Savage
Kirsten SavageKirsten SavageKirsten SavageKirsten Savage
C.E. Schrein
C.E. SchreinC.E. SchreinC.E. Schrein
Mark Bradley Schwartz
Mark Bradley SchwartzMark Bradley SchwartzMark Bradley SchwartzMark Bradley SchwartzMark Bradley Schwartz
Catherine Scott
Catherine ScottCatherine ScottCatherine Scott
Daniel Segrove
Daniel SegroveDaniel SegroveDaniel Segrove
Chris Alan Serr
Chris Alan SerrChris Alan SerrChris Alan SerrChris Alan Serr
Jean Shom
Jean ShomJean ShomJean ShomJean Shom
Jeff Slemons
Jeff SlemonsJeff SlemonsJeff SlemonsJeff SlemonsJeff SlemonsJeff SlemonsJeff Slemons
Che Smith
Che SmithChe SmithChe SmithChe Smith
Suzy Smith
Suzy SmithSuzy SmithSuzy SmithSuzy SmithSuzy Smith
Britt Snyder
Britt SnyderBritt SnyderBritt Snyder
Robert Spooner
Rober SpoonerRober SpoonerRober SpoonerRober Spooner
Elsa Sroka
Elsa SrokaElsa SrokaElsa SrokaElsa SrokaElsa Sroka
Clyde Steadman
Clyde SteadmanClyde SteadmanClyde SteadmanClyde SteadmanClyde SteadmanClyde Steadman
Rober Szot
Rober SzotRober SzotRober Szot
John Tarantola
John TarantolaJohn TarantolaJohn TarantolaJohn TarantolaJohn Tarantola
Eric G Thompson
Eric G ThompsonEric G ThompsonEric G ThompsonEric G ThompsonEric G Thompson
Cecilia Thorell
Cecilia ThorellCecilia Thorell
Hsin-Yao Tseng
Hsin-Yao Tseng
Dorian Vallejo
Dorian Vallejo
Charles Valsechi
Charles ValsechiCharles ValsechiCharles ValsechiCharles Valsechi
Sarah van der Helm
Sarah van der HelmSarah van der Helm
Hannah Vandermolen
Hannah Vandermolen
James Van Fossan
James Van FossanJames Van FossanJames Van FossanJames Van FossanJames Van Fossan
Michael Van Zeyl
Michael Van ZeylMichael Van Zeyl
Alex Venezia
Alex VeneziaAlex VeneziaAlex VeneziaAlex Venezia
Emilio Villalba
Emilio VillalbaEmilio Villalba
Teresa Vito
Teresa VitoTeresa VitoTeresa VitoTeresa Vito
Lani Vlaanderen
Lani VlaanderenLani Vlaanderen
Leah Waichulis
Leah Waichulis
Tracy Wall
Tracy WallTracy WallTracy WallTracy WallTracy Wall
Emma Webster
Emma WebsterEmma WebsterEmma Webster
John Wentz
John Wentz
Anita Winter
Anita WinterAnita WinterAnita WinterAnita WinterAnita Winter
Mike Wise
Mike WiseMike Wise
Wendelin Wohlgemuth
Wendelin WohlgemuthWendelin Wohlgemuth
Zhaoming Wu
Zhaoming WuZhaoming Wu
Joevic Yeban
Joevic YebanJoevic Yeban
Sherrie York
Sherrie YorkSherrie York
Kate Zambrano
Kate Zambrano
Zack Zdrale
Zack ZdraleZack ZdraleZack ZdraleZack Zdrale
Kaitlin Ziesmer
Kaitlin ZiesmerKaitlin ZiesmerKaitlin Ziesmer