Contemporary Figuration

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Jaclyn Alderete, Daliah Ammar, Erin Anderson,
Shaun Berke, Linda Tracey Brandon, Victoria Castillo,
Stephen Cefalo, David Cheifetz, James Crandall,
Jacob Dhein, Kathiucia Dias, Michael Dowling, Kim English,
Andy Espinoza, Jane Ford, Felicia Forte, Caleb Hahne,
Derek Harrison, Johanna Harmon, Justin Hopkins, Meghan Howland,
Zin Lim, Sergio Lopez, Chisho Maas, Nura Mascarenas,
Jennifer McChristian, Tammi Otis, Tony Pro, Jane Radstrom,
Devon Rodriguez, Matthew Saba, Dave Santillanes,
Kirsten Savage, Che Smith, Britt Snyder,
Robert Spooner, Clyde Steadman, Teresa Vito,
Michael Van Zeyl, Timothy P Wilson, Christine Wu,
Zhaoming Wu,and Kate Zambrano

Jun 12 - Jul 3, 2015
Opening Reception: Fri, Jun 12, 6-9 pm

Jaclyn Alderete
Jaclyn Alderete | "Deluge"Jaclyn Alderete | "Musing"Jaclyn Alderete | "Respite"
Daliah Ammar
Daliah Ammar | "Suffocation (Passing Through)"Daliah Ammar | "The Dancer (You Just Want the Attention)"Daliah Ammar | "Two Weeks"
Erin Anderson
Erin Anderson | "Encroachment"Erin Anderson | "Conductor"Erin Anderson | "Flow"
Shaun Berke
Shaun Berke | "Abbot"Shaun Berke | "The Dead Father"Shaun Berke | "Achilles the Jihad"
Linda Tracey Brandon
Linda Tracey Brandon | "Goodnight Moon"
Victoria Castillo
Victoria Castillo | "Crimson Sash"Victoria Castillo | "Quince Kimono"
Stephen Cefalo
Stephen Cefalo | "Poppies"
David Cheifetz
David Cheifetz | "Dream of the Demon"David Cheifetz | "Uncanny Incubus"
James Crandall
James Crandall | "Study of K, Three-Quarter Front"James Crandall | "Shopping on Bicycle"James Crandall | "Poultry Merchant"
Tim Deibler
Jacob Dhein
Jacob Dhein | "Nude in Red"Jacob Dhein | "Nude in Blue V"
Kathiucia Dias
Kathiucia Dias | "Carmignano"Kathiucia Dias | "Chatsworth"Kathiucia Dias | "Colorado"Kathiucia Dias | "Redondo Beach"Kathiucia Dias | "Urbino"
Kim English
Kim English | "After Hours"
Andy Espinoza
Andy Espinoza | "In the Water"
Jane Ford
Jane Ford | "Breathe"Jane Ford | "Enfold"
Felicia Forte
Felicia Forte | "Mary and the Big Picture"Felicia Forte | "I'll Miss You, Good Riddance"Felicia Forte | "Princess"Felicia Forte | "Doc"Felicia Forte | "Ingenue"Felicia Forte | "Punk"
Caleb Hahne
Caleb Hahne | "Nest of Holes"Caleb Hahne | "Visions of the Faint"
Johanna Harmon
Johanna Harmon | "Grassland"
Derek Harrison
Derek Harrison | "The Hawk"Derek Harrison | "Engaging"Derek Harrison | "Gypsy"Derek Harrison | "Warmth"
Justin Hopkins
Justin Hopkins | "Body Parts in Simulacra No. 1"Justin Hopkins | "Untitled No. 34713"Justin Hopkins | "Untitled No. 34756"
Meghan Howland
Meghan Howland | "The Glow I"Meghan Howland | "The Glow II"Meghan Howland | "Union"Meghan Howland | "Cycles"
Zin Lim
Zin Lim | "ID No. 02"Zin Lim | "ID No. 18.2"Zin Lim | "NOMAD 2"
Sergio Lopez
Sergio Lopez | "Lilac Charm"
Chisho Maas
Chisho Maas | "Modern Madonna"
Nura Mascareñas
Nura Mascareñas | "Copper Light"Nura Mascareñas | "Metamorphose"
Jennifer McChristian
Jennifer McChristian | "Layover"
Tony Pro
Tony Pro | "Her Day Out VI"Tony Pro | "Her Day Out III"Tony Pro | "Her Day Out VII"Tony Pro | "Bathed in Light"Tony Pro | "Fauve Lux"Tony Pro | "Messenger"
Jane Radstrom
Jane Radstrom | "Sister Thyme"Jane Radstrom | "Crow's Nest"Jane Radstrom | "Buttoned Up"Jane Radstrom | "Death in the Afternoon"
Rob Rey
Rob Rey | "Observation 2"
Devon Rodriguez
Devon Rodriguez | "Cayman"Devon Rodriguez | "Man with Umbrella"
Matthew Saba
Matthew Saba | "Eakins"Matthew Saba | "Untitled"Matthew Saba | "Untitled"Matthew Saba | "Untitled"
Dave Santillanes
Dave Santillanes | "On the Antique Sofa"Dave Santillanes | "Careful Steps"
Kirsten Savage
Kirsten Savage | "After the Party"Kirsten Savage | "Wanderlust"Kirsten Savage | "Museum Solitude"
Che Smith
Che Smith | "Tori"Che Smith | "Sara"Che Smith | "Grace"Che Smith | "Rata on the Couch"
Britt Snyder
Britt Snyder | "Lights"
Robert Spooner
Robert Spooner | "Springtime Reflections"
Clyde Steadman
Clyde Steadman | "Improvising"Clyde Steadman | "Into the Light"Clyde Steadman | "Possibilities"Clyde Steadman | "The Important Call"
Michael Van Zeyl
Michael van Zeyl | "Yellow Matrix"Michael van Zeyl | "Divination"
Teresa Vito
Teresa Vito | "Magic Bubbles"Teresa Vito | "Eating Fire"
Timothy P Wilson
Timothy P Wilson | "Goliath Toppled"Timothy P Wilson | "Morning Light Studyquot;Timothy P Wilson | "Morning Light Studyquot;
Christine Wu
Christine Wu | "Phase"Christine Wu | "First Light"
Zhaoming Wu
Zhaoming Wu | "One Moment More"Zhaoming Wu | "Conversation at Dusk"
Kate Zambrano
Kate Zambrano | "Exile"Kate Zambrano | "Sarcous"Kate Zambrano | "Gallows"