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Rob Rey

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Moving Sale

April 1 - April 30, 2017

After 18 years on Colfax Ave, Abend Gallery is moving to a fantastic new location in the heart of the LoDo artist district on Wazee Street. We're very excited  to announce this innovative new chapter as we create a more accessible,  more dynamic, and far richer fine art landscape for our collectors.  As part of our relocation we are thrilled to offer tou an extraordinary  opportunity to purchase that piece at an amazing discount.


Yushi Dangami


April 29 - May 15, 2017
Opening Reception: April 29th, 7-10pm

We are proud to present _Lo / WAVE II, the second installment in the _Lo/ WAVE series, opening on April 29th from 7-10pm at NOH / WAVE in downtown Los Angeles. The show is a collaboration between Abend Gallery, Gallery 1261, the _Lo Collective, NOH / WAVE, and the Artist Decoded Podcast. Featuring an impressive roster of artists from both Abend Gallery and Gallery 1261, as well as _Lo affiliated artists, this exhibition examines our perceptions and how they influence the world around us. 

Join us from 7-10pm for the opening reception, which will feature the premier of new ensemble work by composer Jared Rodriguez performed by Desert Quill Quartet with additional music provided by Nick Rossi and sound artist Nick Tuttle. 

Participating Artists: Felipe Alonso, Brett Amory, Mia Bergeron, Yushi Dangami, Jesse Draxler, Justin Duffus, Nathaniel Evans, Vanesa Gingold, Mary Grisey, Andrew Hem, Alexis Hilliard, Justin Hopkins, Yuriy Ibragimov, James Mountford, Nick Runge, Daniel Segrove, Nicolas Uribe, Emilio Villalba, Tomas Watson, Sid Watters, Aaron Westerberg, Timothy Wilson, Yoshino 

 420 East 3rd Street #130 
 Los Angeles, California 90013


Jessica Pisano


June 16th - July 8th, 2017
Opening Reception: June 16th, 6-9pm

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Participating Artists:

Liz Adams-Jones, James Adelman, Erin Anderson, Steven Assael, Daniel Bilodeau, Luis Borrero, Maya Brodsky, Charis Carmichael Brown, Zach Brown, Sue Bryan, Garrett Cook, April Coppini, Diana Corvelle, Benjamin Craig, Cara DeAngelis, Dimitri Desiron, Michelle Doll, Daniel Doubrovkine, Heidi Elbers, Christian Fagerlund, Shauna Finn, Julien Gardair, Nick Gebhart, Jennifer Gennari, Angela Gram, Alonsa Guevara, Andrew Haines, Eben Haines, Joshua Henderson, F Scott Hess, Rafael Hoekstra, Justin Hopkins, Caitlin Hurd, Kieran Ingram, John Jacobsmeyer, Yunsung Jang, Marshall Jones, Kit King, Evan Kitson, Brandy Kraft, Maria Kreyn, James Kroner, Shawn Krueger, Andrew Lenaghan, Amber Lia-Kloppel, Tim Lowly, Daniel Maidman, Brian Mashburn, Adam McGalliard, Anna Mogilevsky, Tun Myaing, Jessica Pisano, Kim Power, James Raczkowski, Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund, Matt Rota, Nicolas Sanchez, Denis Sarazhin, Raphael Sassi, Victoria Selbach, Josh Suda, Maria Teicher, Mark Trujillo, Emilio Villalba, Melanie Vote, John Wellington, John Wentz, Timothy Wilson, Zane York, Miles Yoshida