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Lucas Bononi
Lucas Bononi (b. 1991) was educated at Academy of Art University, San Francisco (2012 - 16) and Grand Central Atelier, New York (2017 - 2018). His work explores the mystery of ontology through discovery and interaction. Having studied art since a young age Lucas found a love for oil painting, his primary medium. Currently, His work is displayed at Sotheby’s, Los Angeles and the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona. Artist Statement My paintings are a reflection of us in present time. Who we are today and how we interact with our surroundings is my main focus. Currently to narrate this I am developing a body of work pertaining to the beauty in anachronistic technology and the present time human condition. When I look for beauty in anachronistic technology I think of the uncanny. In a subtle way I illustrate this by repurposing old objects and making them present. Whether through decorating past objects to serve only as eye candy by stripping the subject matter from all functionality or to make it obsolete and repurpose it only to be enjoyed for aesthetic purposes, my goal is to appreciate the mundane in way's we have never thought of before. In my work I explore the figure as well, often in ways to tie in this body of work together or simply to paint someone who I feel is a symbol of our time, always questioning how the two relate. These connections are aimed to make a more vivid interpretation of what we find mundane to be extravagant. In developing my body of work I explore the mystery of ontology through human discovery and interaction. I find the tangible connection with painting we have, even in our digital sensibility, can slow us down to think of the big picture. If self reflection or any sort of elevated awareness can be found when an audience speculates my work, that to me is why I paint.,h_400,c_fill/re2mt2fwdizkxyx6kjpo.jpg