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Kathiucia Dias
Kathiucia Dias, known as “Kat,” was born in southern Brazil and spent most of her adolescence in New York until moving to California to further purse an art career. After landing a studio job and becoming an independent contractor as a commercial artist she decided to pursue fine art as a career. She has furthered her education with LAAFA as well as through personal research and experimentation. She now looks forward to moving to Russia to broaden her horizons and create art. She has shown in numerous gallery and solo exhibitions including TRAC2014; this is her third consecutive year exhibiting at the CAC Gold Medal Show. She is currently represented by Abend Gallery. As an artist Kathiucia seeks to explore composition, texture, and space while maintaining a clear color key and value structure. She travels so often that the description of “gypsy” is not too far off. The subject matter ranges from portrait, to figurative, landscapes, and still lives directly inspired by life.