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Jack Middleton
To those who have seen the work of Colorado sculptor Jack Middleton it will not come as a surprise that he holds BS and MS degrees in engineering. Working in that field stimulated an interest in three-dimensional art and a desire to express himself through metal sculpture. After studying under several well known metal sculptors, he soon developed a distinctive contemporary style, winning awards and exhibiting in several states. He now expertly utilizes the medium to combine man-made objects and materials with beautiful organic forms and themes. Along with the creation of new metal objects using oxy-acetylene and electric welding processes, the recycling of existing metal objects also serves as the basis for each new piece. The sculptures range from wall-hung designs to table and floor-displayed pieces suited to contemporary home or office interiors as well as outdoor forms up to nine feet tall with natural and powder-coated finishes. “My aim is to create one-of-a-kind, abstract, contemporary welded sculptures which showcase the strength, robustness, and luster of metal,” says the artist of his work. “I am particularly interested in developing patinas and various textures, including fused copper on steel surfaces. My vision is to explore the formation of various metals which will continue to surprise me and please lovers of three-dimensional art.”