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Aziza Alaoui
I was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1966, where I lived until I was 18. After my master degree in international Marketing in Germany, I moved to Mexico in 1992 where I currently live. Art was always my passion and I had the opportunity to participate in more than 90 exhibitions in museums, galleries and biennials in several countries like Mexico, Dubai, USA, Germany, Morocco, Russia and Spain and to receive several international scholarships and awards. My work has been published in more than 30 catalogues and many art magazines, press and book covers in many countries. Because of my international background, I find it difficult to understand that culture, language, beliefs or any differences can be a reason for separating people and creating conflicts. For me, the difference is on the contrary incredibly enriching. I am not interested in politics neither in religion. Awareness has been the center of my work, through contemplation expressed in my paintings, etchings, sculptures, videos and installations and sometimes through activities such as cultural festivals. Art is for me the reflection of the soul and creativity is the engine of a never-ending process of self-investigation. I see art as a unique possibility to explore inner domains without the wall of mind, a possibility to interpret the inside and outside world with a different language which can´t be completely understood with the mind. As an artist I am interested in exploring that choice, how to find the inner sacred space of the non-spoken. By exploring the paradox of sacred-mundane I am interested in capturing instants of everyday life, little details, atmospheres, colors, forms, sensations and understand how sacrality operates in this level. From the effect of rain in glass to the transformation of a landscape through light, shadow and movement my work is always in the search of the essence in the simplest form.,h_400,c_fill/ny1bmg1tjibm29pr099g.jpg