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Aimée Rolin Hoover
Aimée Rolin Hoover developed two obsessions very early in life: drawing and animals. If she wasn’t luring wild raccoons near with half eaten sandwiches, she was scribbling their likeness in her childhood sketchbooks. So it’s no coincidence that the first iteration of her professional career involved painting the four-legged creatures around her. After earning her art degree, Aimée was working as a full-time graphic designer when a friend asked her to paint a portrait of his dog. The resulting piece eventually led to a successful, 13 year career as commissioned based pet portrait artist, during which Aimée painted over 130 portraits for animal loving clients all over the world. After such a focused, linear artistic path for over a decade, Aimée switched gears in 2012 and now endeavors to push herself to create works that take her beyond her comfort artistic zone, using the entire animal kingdom as her muse. At first she expanded her subject matter to every creature she found inspiring, from African buffalos to reef sharks to emus. And now, in her current work, the Fly Mask series, she’s challenged herself to create entirely “faceless” animal portraits that still connect emotionally with the viewer. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Aimée currently lives and works in southern California. Her paintings hangs in collections all over the world, from the U.S. and Canada, to Europe and South America.,h_400,c_fill/tqk9iwzsmywmcevojo9q.jpg