420 E 3rd St., Ste. 107
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Apr 29 - May 15, 2017

We are proud to present _Lo / WAVE II, the second installment in the _Lo/ WAVE series,
opening on April 29th from 7-10pm at NOH / WAVE in downtown Los Angeles.
The show is a collaboration between Abend Gallery, Gallery 1261, the _Lo Collective,
NOH / WAVE, and the Artist Decoded Podcast. Featuring an impressive roster of artists
from both Abend Gallery and Gallery 1261, as well as _Lo affiliated artists,
this exhibition examines our perceptions and how they influence the world around us. 

Felipe Alonso, Brett Amory, Mia Bergeron,
Yushi Dangami, Jesse Draxler, Justin Duffus,
Nathaniel Evans, Vanesa Gingold, Mary Grisey,
Andrew Hem, Alexis Hilliard, Justin Hopkins,
Yuriy Ibragimov, James Mountford, Nick Runge,
Daniel Segrove, Nicolas Uribe, Emilio Villalba,
Tomas Watson, Sid Watters, Aaron Westerberg,
Timothy Wilson, Yoshino
Felipe Alonso
Mia Bergeron
Yushi Dangami
Jesse Draxler
Justin Duffus
Nathaniel Evans
Vanesa Gingold
Mary Grisey
Yuriy Ibragimov
Galia Linn
James Mountford
Nick Runge
Daniel Segrove
Mark Tennant
Nicolas Uribe
Emilio Villalba
Sid Watters
Aaron Westerberg
Timothy P Wilson