An exhibition showcasing the work of artists from two seemingly dissimilar
artistic disciplines: painting and tattooing.

The works in this show are all paintings by fine artists who have been influenced by tattoo culture
and the imagery intrinsic to that culture; by tattoo artists who wield paintbrushes;
and by several individuals who have successfully made a dual career out of both painting and tattooing.
In these paintings one can witness the influence and crossover between the two mediums and subcultures.

Co-curated in collaboration with David Gluck

Erin Anderson, Shawn Barber, Jennifer Balkan,
James Caffyn, Joshua Carlton, Sean Cheetham, Carl Dobsky,
Felicia Forte, David Gluck, Adrian Gottlieb, Derek Harrison,
Jeffrey Hein, Mat Hurtado, Nikko Hurtado, David Kassan, John Lally,
Henry Lewis, Shana Levenson, Jeremy Mann, Alexandra Manukyan,
Ian Mckown, Aaron Nagel, Oda and King, Teresa Oaxaca,
Karla Ortiz, Tammi Otis, Julio Reyes, Camila Rocha,
Sergio Sanchez, Che Smith, Carlos Torres,John Wentz,
Pamela Wilson, Vincent Xeus, and Kate Zambrano

Apr 8 - May 7, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, Apr 8, 6-9 pm

Erin Anderson
Erin Anderson | "Jay Cooper"
Jennifer Balkan
Jennifer Balkan | "Madonna"Jennifer Balkan | "Madonna and Child"
Shawn Barber
Shawn Barber | "Henry Lewis with Black Panther"Shawn Barber | "Portrait of the Artist, Camila Rocha, Head Study"Shawn Barber | "Daily Driver, Juan Puente Shader Machine, 9 Mag Shader"
James Caffyn
James Caffyn | "It Covets"
Joshua Carlton
Joshua Carlton | "Dark Muse"
Lauren Levato Coyne
Lauren Levato Coyne | "Plagues"
Rory Coyne
Rory Coyne | "Turning Seven"
Sean Cheetham
Sean Cheetham | "Namakubi"
Carl Dobsky
Carl Dobsky | "iPrayer 1"Carl Dobsky | "iPrayer 2"
Felicia Forte
Felicia Forte | "Where Were You"
David Gluck
David Gluck | "Adornment"
Adrian Gottlieb
Adrian Gottlieb | "Ruby Teardrop"
Derek Harrison
Derek Harrison | "Pink Gloves"
Jeffrey Hein
Jeffrey Hein | "Teresa"
Mat Hurtado
Mat Hurtado | "Reach for the Stars"Mat Hurtado | "When It Rains It Pours"Mat Hurtado | "Kill for Your Love"
Nikko Hurtado
Nikko Hurtado | "La Fauna"Nikko Hurtado | "All That Glitters Is Not Gold"
David Kassan
David Kassan | "Remnant"
John Lally
John Lally | "Timothy's Offer"John Lally | "Vengeance on the Sound"
Shana Levenson
Shana Levenson | "Christina"
Henry Lewis
Henry Lewis | "Cosario"
Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann | "Black Damask"
Alexandra Manukyan
Alexandra Manukyan | "Fatal Attractions"Alexandra Manukyan | "Beautiful Disaster"
Ian McKown
Ian McKown | "Ani Pema"
Aaron Nagel
Aaron Nagel | "Reclining with Teraoka"Aaron Nagel | "Standing with Teraoka"
Teresa Oaxaca
Teresa Oaxaca | "Carousel"
Karla Ortiz
Karla Ortiz | "Thought and Choice"Karla Ortiz | "Nature"Karla Ortiz | "Nurture"Karla Ortiz | "Paz en Muerte"
Tammi Otis
Tammi Otis | "Contemplating"Tammi Otis | "Broken Heart"
Oda & King
Oda & King | "Apart of Me"
Julio Reyes
Julio Reyes | "Gypsy Blood"
Sergio Sanchez
Sergio Sanchez | "Single Woman, Rogue Brewery, San Francisco"Sergio Sanchez | "Warm and Cool Light"
Che Smith
Che Smith | "Deep Six"Che Smith | "Black No. 1"Che Smith | "The Serenade Is Dead"
John Wentz
John Wentz | "Imprint No. 74"
Pamela Wilson
Pamela Wilson | "Calling Down the Poison Moon"
Vincent Xeus
Vincent Xeus | "Imprint"
Kate Zambrano
Kate Zambrano | "Corporeal"