An exhibition welcoming new artists

Jennifer Balkan, Michelle Condrat
James Crandall, Jacob Dhein
Kathiucia Dias, Felicia Forte
Derek Harrison, Thibault Jandot
David Kammerzell, Lindsey Kustusch
Jane Radstrom, Rob Rey, Scott Ruthven
Kirsten Savage, Che Smith
Britt Snyder, Mike Wise

Jul 10 - July 31, 2015
Opening Reception: Fri, Jul 10, 6-9 pm

Jennifer Balkan | "Little White Bird"Jennifer Balkan | "Woman"
Michelle Condrat | "And a Time For Every Purpose under Heaven"Michelle Condrat | "Bridge over Virgin Waters"Michelle Condrat | "September in the Uinta Mountains"
James Crandall | "Woman Shopping on Bicycle"James Crandall | "Church at Yelvertoft"James Crandall | "Fruit Vendor in Via Bacchettoni No 1 (Study)"James Crandall | "Pizza da Felice No 1 (Study)"James Crandall | "Study of K, 3/4 Front"
Jacob Dhein | "Market Trolley in the Rain"Jacob Dhein | "Nude in Blue V"
Kathiucia Dias | "From Russia"Kathiucia Dias | "From Brazil"Kathiucia Dias | "From India"Kathiucia Dias | "From New Zealand"
Felicia Forte | "I'll Miss You, Good Riddance"Felicia Forte | "Mary and the Big Picture"Felicia Forte | "Painter's Tape"Felicia Forte | "Turquoise Cup"Felicia Forte | "Work Lamp and Green Sweater"
Derek Harrison | "Delicate Nature"Derek Harrison | "Profile of Genie"Derek Harrison | "Engaging"Derek Harrison | "In the Grove"
David Kammerzell | "Boardwalk Bowl"David Kammerzell | "Auto Skooter"David Kammerzell | "Hilonitas"David Kammerzell | "Java Range"
Lindsey Kustusch | "Rezoned"Lindsey Kustusch | "The Malt Shop"Lindsey Kustusch | "The Raven's Post"
Jane Radstrom | "Lady in Blue"Jane Radstrom | "Death in the Afternoon"Jane Radstrom | "Sister Thyme"
Rob Rey | "Setting Up"Rob Rey | "Heliosphere"Rob Rey | "Reaching Europa"Rob Rey | "Stardust Gazing Back"
Che Smith | "Lexy"Che Smith | "Grace"Che Smith | "Sara"
Britt Snyder | "Tag"Britt Snyder | "Beams"Britt Snyder | "Wedges"
Mike Wise | "String Lake"Mike Wise | "Twin Lakes Lilies"Mike Wise | "Mountain Sunrise"Mike Wise | "Cool Waters"