Plein Air Artists Colorado 18th Annual National Juried Fine Art Exhibition and Sale Aug 9 - Aug 30, 2014

Opening Reception
and Awards Presentation:
Sat, Aug 9, 5-8 pm

Award Winners

Thumbnail of Bonnie McGee | "Convergence"
Best in Show
Bonnie McGee

Thumbnail of Damien Gonzales  | "Bobcat Trail"
1st Place Signature
Damien Gonzales
"Bobcat Trail"

Thumbnail of Lamya Deeb's "Little Snowy Ditch"
1st Place Associate
Lamya Deeb
"Little Snowy Ditch"

Thumbnail of Jeanne Mackenzie's "Serpentine Shadows"
2nd Place
Jeanne Mackenzie
"Serpentine Shadows"

Thumbnail of Katie Dowling | "The Ceiling"
3rd Place
Katie Dowling
"The Ceiling"

Thumbnail of Lorie Batson's "Creekside"
Award of Merit
Lorie Batson

Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser | "Magic Hour"
Award of Merit
Debra Joy Groesser
"Magic Hour"

Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Three Trunks and Snow in Shadow"
Award of Merit
David Grossmann
"Three Trunks and Snow in Shadow"

Thumbnail of Carol Jenkins's "Utica Street"
Award of Merit
Carol Jenkins
"Utica Street"

Thumbnail of Valerie Meyers | "California Sun House"
Award of Merit
Valerie Meyers
"California Sun House"

Thumbnail of Dennis Rhoades's "Sunkist Rocks"
Award of Merit
Dennis Rhoades
"Sunkist Rocks"

Thumbnail of Lindsay Ternes | "Resurrection"
Award of Merit
Lindsay Ternes

Thumbnail of Cliff Austin's "Buddy Rich on Drums"
Award of Merit
Cliff Austin
"Buddy Rich on Drums"

Thumbnail of Jane Hunt's "Boulder Furrows"
Artist's Choice Award
Jane Hunt
"Boulder Furrows"

Thumbnail of Peggy Immel's "Ridgeline"
Allen Award
Peggy Immel

Thumbnail of William Scott Jennings's "Early Spring Rapids"
Master Signature Award
William Scott Jennings
"Early Spring Rapids"

Mark Akins
Mark Akins | "Just a Touch of Gold"Mark Akins | "Keeping Bison Beautiful"
Leslie Allen
Leslie Allen | "Opposites Attract"
Janet Anderson
Thumbnail Janet Anderson | "Late December Day"Thumbnail Janet Anderson | "Summer on the Blue"
Patti Andre
Thumbnail Patti Andre | "Blue Haze"Thumbnail Patti Andre | "High Noon Blues"
Heather Arenas
Thumbnail of Heather Arenas | "Hancock's Harbork"Thumbnail of Heather Arenas | "Spring Cottonwoods"
Joe Anna Arnett
Thumbnail of Joe Anna Arnett | "Champagne—Elegance 3"
Melissa Arthur
Thumbnail of Melissa Arthur | "Snow in the Rockies"
Cliff Austin
Thumbnail of Cliff Austin | "Breath of Spring"Thumbnail of Cliff Austin | "Buddy Rich on Drums"
Lorie Batson
Thumbnail of Lorie Batson | "Creekside"Thumbnail of Lorie Batson | "Study of an Amish Horse"
Bonnie Bowne
Thumbnail of Bonnie Bowne | "Along the Yampa"
Lorenzo Chavez
Thumbnail of Lorenzo Chavez | "Desert Sky"
Jane Christie
Thumbnail of Jane Christie | "Old Glory Guards the Fort"
Barbara Churchley
Thumbnail of Barbara Churchley | "Early Morning Look"Thumbnail of Barbara Churchley | "Toward the Monument"
Rita Cirillo
Thumbnail of Rita Cirillo | "Oasis"Thumbnail of Rita Cirillo | "The Day Refreshed"
Jenifer Cline
Thumbnail of Jenifer Cline | "Deep, Cool Aspen Glen"
Mark Coulter
Thumbnail of Mark Coulter | "Almost Spring"
Doug Dawson
Thumbnail of Doug Dawson | "Spring Study"
Lamya Deeb
Thumbnail of Lamya Deeb | "Little Snowy Ditch"Thumbnail of Lamya Deeb | "Reverence"
Larry DeGraff
Thumbnail of Larry DeGraff | "Awaken"Thumbnail of Larry DeGraff | "Spring in the High Country"
Ivy Delon
Thumbnail of Ivy Delon | "Garden Party Poppies"
Marin Dobson
Thumbnail of Marin Dobson | "Autumn Road"
Katie Dowling
Thumbnail of Katie Dowling | "The Ceiling"
Kim English
Thumbnail of Kim English | "Plains of Colorado"
Amy Evans
Thumbnail of Amy Evans | "Last Stand"Thumbnail of Amy Evans | "Let the Sun Shine"
Diane Fechenbach
Thumbnail of Diane Fechenbach | "Shadow above the Chama"
Mary Garrish
Thumbnail of Mary Garrish | "Solitude"
Curt Gillespie
Thumbnail of Curt Gillespie | "Winter Remnants"
Damien Gonzales
Thumbnail of Damien Gonzales  | "Bobcat Trail"Thumbnail of Damien Gonzales  | "Colorado River at Tanner Rapids"
Teri Gortmaker
Thumbnail of Teri Gortmaker | "Fallin' Down"Thumbnail of Teri Gortmaker | "The Best View"
Fran Gottlieb
Thumbnail of Fran Gottlieb | "Warm Light"
Debra Joy Groesser
Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser | "Just Beyond"Thumbnail of Debra Joy Groesser | "Magic Hour"
David Grossmann
Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Almost Winter Solstice"Thumbnail of David Grossmann's "Three Trunks and Snow in Shadow"
Nancy Haley
Thumbnail of Nancy Haley's "Side Street in San Miguel"Thumbnail of Nancy Haley's "Waiting for Spring"
Albert Handell
Thumbnail of Albert Handell's "A Break in the Sky"Thumbnail of Albert Handell's "A Passing Moment"
Cary Hansen
Thumbnail of Cary Hansen's "Deer Creek"
Joanne Hanson
Thumbnail of Joanne Hanson | "Sangre de Cristos"
Susan Haskins
Thumbnail of Susan Haskins | "Icy Lake"
Rachel Herrera
Thumbnail of Rachel Herrera | "Mt. Massive"
Steve Homsher
Thumbnail of Steve Homsher | "Aspen and Pine"
Jane Hunt
Thumbnail of Jane Hunt | "Boulder Furrows"Thumbnail of Jane Hunt | "Colorado Field"
Wes Hyde
Thumbnail of Wes Hyde | "Clear Creek Current"
Charles Iarrobino
Thumbnail of Charles Iarrobino | "Hollyhock Havok"Thumbnail of Charles Iarrobino | "Sunday Morning Snow"
Kathy Imel
Thumbnail of Kathy Imel | "Storm Coming"
Peggy Immel
Thumbnail of Peggy Immel's "Ridgeline"Thumbnail of Peggy Immel's "Woodland Palace"
Carol Jenkins
Thumbnail of Carol Jenkins's "Field of Sage"Thumbnail of Carol Jenkins's "Utica Street"
William Scott Jennings
Thumbnail of William Scott Jennings's "Early Spring Rapids"Thumbnail of William Scott Jennings's "The Sanctuary"
Margaret Jensen
Thumbnail of Margaret Jensen's "Sleepy Hollow before the Flood"
Becky Joy
Thumbnail of Becky Joy's "Strength and Serenity"Thumbnail of Becky Joy's "The Marsh"
Holly Kernes
Thumbnail of Holly Kernes's "Stream Blues"
Warren Kessler
Thumbnail of Warren Kessler's "North Dakota Summer"
Kathleen Lanzoni
Thumbnail of Kathleen Lanzoni's "Bike Path"
Jeff Legg
Thumbnail of Jeff Legg's "Flowing Through"Thumbnail of Jeff Legg's "The Brook"
Sherrie Levine
Thumbnail of Sherrie Levine's "A Day at the Wharf"Thumbnail of Sherrie Levine's "Jagged Coastline at Garrapata"
Nancy Lewis
Thumbnail of Nancy Lewis's "The Other Castle Rock"
Jeanne Mackenzie
Thumbnail of Jeanne Mackenzie's "Foothills Lightfall"Thumbnail of Jeanne Mackenzie's "Serpentine Shadows"
Lee MacLeod
Thumbnail of Lee MacLeod's "Cold and Getting Colder"Thumbnail of Lee MacLeod's "Snow in the Wet Mountains"
Susan Matteson
Thumbnail of Susan Matteson's "Early Morning Light"Thumbnail of Susan Matteson's "The Blizzard"
Chuck Mauldin
Thumbnail of Chuck Mauldin's "Taos Timber"
Deborah McAllister
Thumbnail of Deborah McAllister's "A. Basin November Skiing"Thumbnail of Deborah McAllister's "The Oriental"
Rhonda McCay
Thumbnail of Rhonda McCay's "Hook Head"
Susan McCullough
Thumbnail of Susan McCullough's "Early Morning Moon"Thumbnail of Susan McCullough's "I Can See Estes from Here"
Bonnie McGee
Thumbnail of Bonnie McGee's "Convergence"
Susan McKelvy
Thumbnail of Susan McKelvy's "Moab Datura"
William Meuser
Thumbnail of William Meuser's "Coal Creek Morning"
Valerie Meyers
Thumbnail of Valerie Meyers's "California Sun House"
David Montgomery
Thumbnail of David Montgomery's "Along the Creek"
Norbert Nagel
Thumbnail of Norbert Nagel's "Bear Snow"Thumbnail of Norbert Nagel's "Evening in the Foothills"
Paul Nutting
Thumbnail of Paul Nutting's "Dry Creek in Winter"
Lori Putnam
Thumbnail of Lori Putnam's "Long Walks to the Ferry"Thumbnail of Lori Putnam's "Twins"
Diane Rappisi
Thumbnail of Diane Rappisi's "Castlewood Canyon"
Mike Ray
Thumbnail of Mike Ray's "Out Building"
Shela Reilley
Thumbnail of Shela Reilley's "American Farmhouse"
Dennis Rhoades
Thumbnail of Dennis Rhoades's "Color Explosion"Thumbnail of Dennis Rhoades's "Sunkist Rocks"
Kathryn Riedinger
Thumbnail of Kathryn Riedinger's "Out of Commission"
Jennifer Riefenberg
Thumbnail of Jennifer Riefenberg's "Fish Market"Thumbnail of Jennifer Riefenberg's "Reflection in Blues"
Scott Ruthven
Thumbnail of Scott Ruthven's "Quieter Days"Thumbnail of Scott Ruthven's "Sparkling Water, Turquoise Pools, and the Journey Ahead"
Jason Sacran
Thumbnail of Jason Sacran's "Carthage Junction"Thumbnail of Jason Sacran's "Morning Clouds"
Don Sahli
Thumbnail of Don Sahli's "Sunny Lemonade"Thumbnail of Don Sahli's "Yellow and Blue Plein Air"
Nancy Silvia
Thumbnail of Nancy Silvia's "Early Snow"
Lynn Simonson
Thumbnail of Lynn Simonson's "Mountain Glory"
Kay Singleton
Thumbnail of Kay Singleton's "Gold in Them Hills"
Will Spear
Thumbnail of Will Spear's "Longmont Farm"Thumbnail of Will Spear's "Spring Has Sprung"
Cydney Springer
Thumbnail of Cydney Springer's "Fall River at Barely Spring"Thumbnail of Cydney Springer's "Last Light on Leigh Lake"
Cheryl St. John
Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Marshlands"Thumbnail of Cheryl St. John's "Wild Sunflowers"
Jeannette Stutzman
Thumbnail of Jeannette Stutzman | "Ghost Cliff II"
R Gregory Summers
Thumbnail of R Gregory Summers | "East from Antonito"
Thumbnail of Susiehyer | "Moonlight and Golden Banner"Thumbnail of Susiehyer | "Nocturne II"
Richard Szkutnik
Thumbnail of Richard Szkutnik's "Dead Horse Point"
Lindsay Ternes
Thumbnail of Lindsay Ternes's "Marshall Morning"Thumbnail of Lindsay Ternes's "Resurrection"
Karin Toppel
Thumbnail of Karin Toppel's "Shades of Blue, Raft Island"
Cecy Turner
Thumbnail of Cecy Turner's "Wild Basin Footbridge"
Gene van Essen
Thumbnail of Gene van Essen's "Change of Weather near Sedalia"Thumbnail of Gene van Essen's "Chaul Creek"
Teresa Vito
Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "In the Pink"Thumbnail of Teresa Vito's "Road Master"
Eric von Schmidt
Thumbnail of Eric von Schmidt's "Golden Drive"Thumbnail of Eric von Schmidt's "Lake Trail"
Patrice Walker
Thumbnail of Patrice Walker's "It's Still Warm in the Meadow"
Teresa Maria Widawski
Thumbnail of Teresa Maria Widawski's "Standing Tall"
Anita Winter
Thumbnail of Anita Winter's "Golden"
Nyla Witmore
Thumbnail of Nyla Witmore's "Hanging on to the Last"Thumbnail of Nyla Witmore's "Sunset behind Long's Peak"
Joan Wolbier
Thumbnail of Joan Wolbier's "Crane Hollow"Thumbnail of Joan Wolbier's "Roaring River"