The Edge of Realism

Jaclyn Alderete, David Cheifetz, Jacob Dhein, Michael Dowling, Justin Hopkins, Lindsey Kustusch,
Emily J. Moore, Tammi Otis, Jane Radstrom, Rob Rey, Matthew Saba, John Wentz

Nov 7 - Nov 29, 2014
Opening Reception: Fri, Nov 7, 5-8 pm

Jaclyn Alderete
Jaclyn Alderete | "Efflorescence"
David Cheifetz
David Cheifetz | "Catalyze"David Cheifetz | "Flrrbl Devastating a Still Life"David Cheifetz | "Flrrblz Circling Whiskey"David Cheifetz | "Toward the Light"David Cheifetz | "Shipyard Nocturnal"
Jacob Dhein
Jacob Dhein | "Nude in Blue"Jacob Dhein | "Nude in Blue II"Jacob Dhein | "Seated Nude"
Michael Dowling | "Patience Is the Shittiest Virtue"Michael Dowling | "Study for Potential"Michael Dowling | "Study for Queen of Scots"Michael Dowling | "The History of Death"Michael Dowling | "There Are in Fact Times to Blame the Messenger"Michael Dowling | "I Don't Know How She Does It"
Justin Hopkins
Justin Hopkins | "Sepukku"Justin Hopkins | "6 AM"
Lindsey Kustusch
Lindsey Kustusch | "First Rain"Lindsey Kustusch | "Last of the Sun"Lindsey Kustusch | "What Is Gathered Will Disperse"
Emily J. Moore
Emily J. Moore | "Bloodlines"Emily J. Moore | "I Thought I Knew You"Emily J. Moore | "Walking Shadow"Emily J. Moore | "Coldblooded"
Tammi Otis
Tammi Otis | "The Reluctant Empath of Fertility"
Jane Radstrom
Jane Radstrom | "Girl in White"Jane Radstrom | "If Ony, Nevermind"Jane Radstrom | "Secret Garden 3"Jane Radstrom | "Secret Garden 4"Jane Radstrom | "Secret Garden 5"
Rob Rey
Rob Rey | "Climbing the Milky Way"Rob Rey | "Tangled Thoughts"Rob Rey | "Observation"
Matthew Saba | "Formation"Matthew Saba "Dickie"Matthew Saba "Hydra"Matthew Saba "Lftlt"Matthew Saba "Patrilineal (Study)"Matthew Saba "L'homme Souriant"
John Wentz
John Wentz | "Silent"John Wentz | "Alaskan Woman"John Wentz | "Jen"