The Warehouse Sale
9 Shops. 3 Days. 1 Warehouse

May 7-9
Friday 12-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 10-6pm
"Flowers Between Columns""Dancers"
Jim Beckner | "Afternoon Shadows"Jim Beckner | "Alley Entance at Dusk"
"Static""Absolute Reason""After Hours""Ambient Popsicle""Seeing Sounds""Inside and Open""Paso Doble"
Norman Cable | "Notre Dame"Norman Cable | "Cathedrale Chartres"
Mitch Caster
Mitch Caster | "Three Girls"
Stephen Day | "Morning Light"Stephen Day | "Morning Light Lower"Stephen Day | "New Mexico Afternoon"Stephen Day | "Roses in Midday"Stephen Day | "September Chillies"Stephen Day | "Aspen in May"Stephen Day | "Hollyhocks"
Raj Chaudhuri | "Sunflowers"Raj Chaudhuri | "Sunny Day in Prague"
Michael Dowling | "It Would be the Same"Michael Dowling | "Hold You"Michael Dowling | "If I Told You"Michael Dowling | "The Calling"
Kim English
Kim English | "Market Scene"Kim English | "Two People"Kim English | "Alleyway"
"First Snow""Bareback and Barefoot"
John K Harrell
John K Harrell | "Purple and Gold"
Pam Ingalls | "Sunny Side Up"
Kit Hevron Mahoney
Kit Hevron Mahoney | "Untitled"
Andi Mascarenas
Andi Mascarenas | "Porcelain Tub"
Warren Neary | "Summer Fields"
Kristen Olson
Kristen Olson | "Picking Flowers at the Market"Kristen Olson | "Red Bridge"Kristen Olson | "Red Poppy Still Life"
Arleta Pech | "Red Satin and Peonies"Arleta Pech | "Golden Glory"Arleta Pech | "Summer's Last Blush"
Marsha Whitesides-Piper | "The Tarnished Ladle"
Connie Renner | "Ocean Breeze"Connie Renner | "Exotic Innocence"Connie Renner | "Fraser Valley"Connie Renner | "EOI"
Elizabeth Sandia | "Santa Fe Gate"
Mary Scrimgeour | "Slme Good Wizards"
Jean Shom | "Remembering that Day"Jean Shom | "Get Up and Dance"Jean Shom | "Where Have all the Cowboys Gone"Jean Shom | "Red Royals"Jean Shom | "Stretch"Jean Shom | "Time to Tiptoe"
Lonnie Sisson
Lonnie Sisson | "Rocky Beach"
Jill Soukup
Jill Soukup | "Trees"
Cheryl St. John | "Spring Morning"
Ray Vinella
Ray Vinella | "Fall Breeze"
Lani Vlaanderen | "Wine and Pansies"Lani Vlaanderen | "Buffalo Morning"