Evelyne Boren and Robert Spooner
Aug 7 - Aug 30



Opening Reception:
Fri, Aug 7, 5-9pm

Participating Artists:

Evelyne Boren | "Tuscan Olive Harvest"Evelyne Boren | "First Rays of Sunlight, Las Golondrinas"Evelyne Boren | "Apple Orchard -  Pila, NM"Evelyne Boren | "Morada in the Snow"Evelyne Boren | "Warm Winter Day at La Cieneguilla"Evelyne Boren | "Backroad to Eygalieres"Evelyne Boren | "Clearing Skies - Roussillon"Evelyne Boren | "Fall Magic in Tuscany"Evelyne Boren | "Celebrating the Day of the Dead"Evelyne Boren | "Bouquet Fleuri en Provence"Evelyne Boren | "Sabrina's Favorite Table"Evelyne Boren | "Flower Vendor at the Fountain"Evelyne Boren | "Aix-en-Provence"Evelyne Boren | "Dejuener en Roussillon"Evelyne Boren | "Guatemala Market"Evelyne Boren | "Joy of Spring"
Robert Spooner
Robert Spooner | "Laelia"Robert Spooner | "Bathing in the Shallows"Robert Spooner | "Sitting Nude"Robert Spooner | "Nude in Small Basin"Robert Spooner | "Lavender and Lilacs"Robert Spooner | "Holly's Roses"Robert Spooner | "Pear with Green Vase"Robert Spooner | "Apricot and Pears"Robert Spooner | "Avocado and Vase"Robert Spooner | "After the Morning Rain"Robert Spooner | "City Streets"Robert Spooner | "Afternoon Commute"Robert Spooner | "Old Felder Supply"Robert Spooner | "Denver Blue"Robert Spooner | "Sidewalk Games"Robert Spooner | "Ready on the Line"Robert Spooner | "One Busy Kitchen"Robert Spooner | "Opus Duo"Robert Spooner | "Hot City Street"Robert Spooner | "Sassy Juicy and Jazz"Robert Spooner | "Climbing Roses"Robert Spooner | "Persimmons"
"I am thrilled with the work I have in this show. Over the last year, my work seems to be evolving exponentially. Prior work was based upon direct painting techniques while todays work is made up of complex layering. As a result of the indirect methods, layers and transparencies make the work more interesting and mature. I hope you enjoy the work as much as I have enjoyed creating it."  -Robert Spooner
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