Tracy Wall

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Tracy Wall | "Halt, Walk, Trot"Tracy Wall | "Turning Point Teal"Tracy Wall | "Return to Half & Half"Tracy Wall | "Feverish Friday"Tracy Wall | "Where in the Bowl Are You?"Tracy Wall | "Sunlight on Beaver Brook Trail"Tracy Wall | "Sooner Oreo Later"Tracy Wall | "Lost in Grazing"Tracy Wall | "Inside Reflections"Tracy Wall | "I'm Toast"Tracy Wall | "Granny Waits"Tracy Wall | "Fuel Cap"Tracy Wall | "Equine Interchange"Tracy Wall | "Dairy Decisions"Tracy Wall | "Cheerful"Tracy Wall | "Blue Spruce along Apex Trail"Tracy Wall | "Beaver Brook Trail Guideposts"Tracy Wall | "Aspen Grove Sentry (Golden Gate State Park)"Tracy Wall | "Apple"Tracy Wall | "Mint Relief"Tracy Wall | "Morning Lift"Tracy Wall | "Bon Voyage"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "He's Bridled"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "She's Unbridled"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "Sunrise Cranes Pose"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "Crane Conversation"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "Scaffolding in Red"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "One Way"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "Go Around"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "Play Hard, Sleep Hard"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "Blue Tank Top"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "Wrapped Up in Blue and Green"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall | "Colorful Cowboy"Thumbnail Tracy Wall | "Black Gold Harvest"Thumbnail Tracy Wall | "Five on a Vine"Thumbnail Tracy Wall | "Goleta Beach Rock Stars"Thumbnail Tracy Wall | "It's a Snap"Thumbnail Tracy Wall | "Rosy Blue Cabbage"Thumbnail Tracy Wall | "Sliced Cucumber"Thumbnail Tracy Wall | "Kiss and Tell"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's | "Showers Passed"Thumbnail of Tracy Wall's | "Lean on Me 4"

As an artist, Tracy Wall sheds new light on everyday life, inviting the viewer to see the familiar as if for the very first time. Working with a variety of subjects, Tracy paints interesting viewpoints with compelling value, color, and shapes. Appealing compositions are everywhere, and they make strong impressions from afar even before the subject matter is recognized. She loves to balance representational impressions with more abstracted compositions.

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