Jean Shom

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Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Solstice Song"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Striated"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Scarlentine"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Heavenly Blue"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Irresistible"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "The Garden Gate"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Come Together"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Refuge"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Transient"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Off the Grid"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Remembering that Day"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Precipitous"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Colorado Red White and Blue"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Doing the Loop"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Bouquet"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Day Slips Away"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Deviation"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Essentials"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Gypsy Return"Thumbnail of Jean Shom | "Summer Splurge"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Walking the Walk"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Smooth Drifting"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Philly Flowers"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Linked In"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Bee Heaven"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Vermillion Cotillion"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Seriously Scarlet"Thumbnail of Jean Shom's "Shine"Jean Shom | "Pop-A-Rama""Where the Night Gets In""Gathering Moonshine"



Jean Shom: Expressive Colorist Landscape Painter

Denver Fine Artist, Jean Shom uses rich colors to express her love of New Mexico and the Colorado mountain terrain.  Shom paints her emotional responses to the high plains she ventures to with rich reds, brilliant orange and splashes of purple and blue.  She is a signature member of the Plein Air Artists of Colorado and a member the Foothills Art Center.

Rocky Mountain PBS executives and board members recognized her unique painting skills and chose Jean as the Limited Edition Print Artist for their 2008 annual fund-raising campaign.  Shom was awarded “Best of Show 2002”, Gateway to the Rockies, Aurora History Museum as well as, Poster Artist for Art for Life 2002, Project Angel Heart, Denver, Colorado.

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