Tammi Otis

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Tammi OtisTammi OtisTammi OtisTammi OtisTammi OtisTammi OtisTammi OtisTammi OtisThumbnail of Tammi Otis | "The Seer"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis | "The Reluctant Empath of Fertility"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis | "Dreaming Lunch"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis | "Pink Delight"Tammi Otis | "Seeking Icarus"Tammi Otis | "Peace"Tammi Otis | "His World"Tammi Otis | "Flight 2"Tammi Otis | "Catching Her Breath"Tammi Otis | "An Exceptional Flight"Tammi Otis | "Jimmy"Thumbnail of Tammi Otis's "Escaping Through a Splinter in Time"



Tammi Otis: The Contemporary Storyteller

Tammi Otis paints in oil glazes as they convey a luminosity not found in other mediums for her.  What Tammi conveys in her works is what she terms ...”an inner world”.  Otis paints the emotional being manifesting itself as a tornado, a halo, or a bird such as a crow.  She paints the joy, sorrow and spiritual secrets of our intimate minds.

Tammi’s favorite subject matter is pulled from the 1950’s such as a vintage “Lark” Hoover vacuum cleaner or an old turquoise and pink “Frigidaire” incorporating comic radar guns like refrigerator magnets.  Her paintings are executed with fresh detail depicting luscious grapes and poised red cherries in glazed burgundies, copper and gold.

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