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Jennifer McChristianJennifer McChristianJennifer McChristian | "Adams-Wabash Station"Jennifer McChristian | "Prescription for the Blues"Jennifer McChristianJennifer McChristian | "Roman Alleyway"Jennifer McChristian | "Le Sanctuaire"Jennifer McChristian | "Barlow Bygone"Jennifer McChristian | "The Storyteller"Jennifer McChristian | "Setting the Table"Thumbnail of Jennifer McChristian | "Hallows Eve Revelry"Jennifer McChristian  "El Cid, View from Balcony"Jennifer McChristian | "Setting the Table"Thumbnail Jennifer McChristian "Quiescent Summer"Thumbnail Jennifer McChristian "Summer's End"Thumbnail of Jennifer McChristian's "Access to Absolution"Thumbnail of Jennifer McChristian's "Shopkeeper""Waiting"

Jennifer was featured in American Art Collector's February 2010 issue.

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(Courtesy of American Art Collector)

Jennifer was featured in Southwest Art Magazine’s October 2009 issue.

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Congratulations to Jennifer McChristian!

"March Wind"

Le Marais Twilight awarded the Best of Show award for the 2011 January Raymar Art Competition