James Crandall

Headshot of James Crandall

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James Crandall | "Woman at Gallery Window"James Crandall | "Paying at the Bakery"James Crandall | "Man Sitting on Scooter"James Crandall | "Lady Walking a Bicycle (Study)"James Crandall | "Font and Column (San Concordio Lucca)"James Crandall | "Yellow Rose and Lemon"James Crandall | "Looking Up Post Street, San Francisco"James Crandall | "Post Street and Powell, San Francisco"James CrandallThumbnail of James Crandall | "Blue Shoes, Firenze"Thumbnail of James Crandall | "Orange Umbrella, Via Fillungo"Thumbnail of James Crandall | "Two Ladies (Lucca)"