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Pam Ingalls: Oil Paintings in the Russian Impressionist Tradition

Pam Ingalls is constantly invigorated by the transforming quality of light on ordinary objects and scenes when she is painting. Ms. Ingalls was first inspired by her artist parents, Richard and Marjorie Ingalls, who raised Pam in Spokane, Washington. Pam studied art at the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy and earned an art degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane. She studied with Burton Silverman and Richard Scmidt.

Ingalls now lives on Vashon Island in Washington where she branched out into painting portraits leading her to the next phase of her career, painting images of people in small communities. Pam says earlier this year she painted portraits of people from one year old to 108 years old in the village of Three Hills, Jamaica (near Ocho Rios). The people there are so full of life - and were such a delight to try to capture. She says of the paintings, “…my hope is that somehow the world will get a tiny bit smaller by connecting people through my portraits. It was a deep honor to meet these lovely souls with paint.”The series of paintings depicted above are of the village children entitled, “Facing the World”.

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