Nicole Hyde

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Nicole Hyde | "Desert Bloom II"Nicole Hyde | "Desert Bloom I"Nicole Hyde | "Figure of Speech"Nicole Hyde | "Aerial Landscape"Thumbnail | Nicole Hyde | "Echo"Thumbnail | Nicole Hyde | "Summer Marsh"Nicole Hyde | "Blue Green Wash"Nicole Hyde | "Calamity Jane Has Arrived"Nicole Hyde | "All Vernal Green"Nicole Hyde | "Arranging the Elements"Nicole Hyde | "Hurdy Gurdy"Nicole Hyde | "Blue Ridge"Nicole Hyde | "Turning North"Nicole Hyde | "Rowdy Kate Heads to Denver"Nicole Hyde | "Yellow Dawn"Nicole Hyde | "Fall Field"Nicole Hyde | "Winter Red"Nicole Hyde | "Shimmer"Nicole Hyde | "Shimmer II"Nicole Hyde | "Last Light"Nicole Hyde | "January"Nicole Hyde | "Black Mesa: Night Passage"Nicole Hyde | "Black Mesa: Heart of the Mesa""Diva""Blue""Pink Three""Pale Blossoms""Violet""Yellow Wisps""Spring Marsh""Dark Sky""Sky Lake""Nocturne in Green""Calexico""Black the Sky""The Lake""Moody Morning"Nicole Hyde | "Bashos Mountain"Nicole Hyde | "From Here to There"Nicole Hyde | "Egg"Nicole Hyde | "Green and Red"Nicole Hyde | "Pink and Brown"Nicole Hyde | "Petroglyphs II"Nicole Hyde | "Rockface"Nicole Hyde | "Pink Forms"Nicole Hyde | "Surfacing"Nicole Hyde | "Sakura"Nicole Hyde | "Walking the Valley"



Nicole Hyde: Atmospheric Contemporary Landscape Artist

Nicole Hyde’s paintings have been described as atmospheric in style, diverse in color, reaching an inner sense in us all. Nicole’s landscapes reveal big skies and slices of earth bound in red poppies and fields of heather or lavender. She uses a palette knife to build her dynamic colors enriching the canvas with her unique and poetic touch. Nicole’s landscapes are captivating and enchanting.

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