Bruce A. Gómez

Headshot of Bruce Gomez

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Bruce A. Gomez | "Waterfall"Bruce A. Gomez | "Two to Tango"Bruce A. Gomez | "Female Ruby Throat"Bruce A. Gómez | "Afternoon East of Mather"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Bison Emerging from Mars 1"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Bison Emerging from Mars 2"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Hummingbird"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Female Blue Footed Booby"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Des Geraniums Provence"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Telluride Pond with Ducks"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Telluride Pond without Ducks"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Hoja Sola with Three Drops"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Gladstone Morning with Shendoka"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Grand Canyon, My Yavapai"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "Sedona, after West Fork"Thumbnail | Bruce A. Gómez | "The Bells, the Fall"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez | "West of Yavapai"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez | "Les Mosaiques Montorgueil"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez | "Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez | "October, Grand Canyon"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez | "Virgin River Zion"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez | "The Other Horse"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez | "Better Exposure"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez | "Many Ponies VIII"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's "Gold King with Newby"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's | "Alta Lakes, Green"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's | "Sedona Sunset"Thumbnail of Bruce A. Gómez's | "Negro Bill, Study 2"

Bruce A. Gómez: Artist Statement

I've been working in pastel full-time for the last twenty-nine years and have been teaching workshops for the past fifteen. My artistic influences range from Paleolithic art up to Alfred Sisley, Maxfield Parrish, Juan Gris, and Gustav Klimt. I am singularly fortunate enough to travel to and paint in such wonderful places as Telluride, Paris, Rome, and Moab. I go out and look to capture that one unique and spectacular moment of life, whether in the mountains, in an urban setting, I might be slogging through a deluge, snowshoeing in -10°F, or painting plein air in 101°F. In spite of all those obstacles, I get to distill it all down to that essential instance of striking allure and there you have it. I pride myself in painting something that anyone can see themselves if they hang around: no exaggerations, no symbolism, and no implied metaphor.

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