Hiroshi Sato at One Lincoln Park

October 7, 2017 - December 31, 2017

In this new body of work, Hiroshi Sato explores the genre of horror specifically through horror films. With these films acting as both his catalyst and collaborators Sato has created his own script, set, and score to bring his own narrative to life. This is subtly achieved through his use of explicit details and references within each painting. As viewers, we can walk through the exhibition, slowly gaining an understanding of the events transpiring within the story through the film stills on view. Adding layers to this project, Sato has embedded many of these paintings with clips of the film he created. Through the app Live Portrait, the viewer can simply point their iPhone or Android at the paintings and watch the story unfold. By merging these two different mediums together Sato has created an incredibly dynamic exhibition for his viewers, giving them the chance to fully immerse themselves within the world he’s created.

On view 24/7 in the lobby of One Lincoln Park. View map here

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